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Monday 31st May 2010 ~ The Bus Hasn't Turned Up Babe !

Now we are quite accustomed to seeing errant B9s taking the A47 bypass to make up time on weekdays, but not so when the service is hourly. Everything seemed to run well today except mid afternoon.
37570 came storming through Walpole Highway at 14.05 heading for Peterborough. It took the teenager standing at the bus stop quite by surprise and as he failed to move from his relaxed pose leaning against the school wall the driver of 570 did, what I myself would have done, i.e. slowed down and then not being haled, continued on his way, even though he was running 3 minutes early - which incidentally is a record for a westbound service at Walpole. Said teenager was subsequently seen trudging towards Wisbech !

Had you been another teenage person waiting at Walpole Highway for the 15.10 to Lowestoft, then possibly your disappointment would have been even greater, as this service failed to appear at all - well it hadn't done so by 15.40 anyway, meaning it was running in excess of 30 minutes late. What was seen however, was 37570 - yes the one which had been running so enthusiastically through Walpole westbound at 14.05 -  travelling along the Wisbech bypass eastbound at 15.39 and then avoiding the villages also. Given that it was seen on the 22.22 Wisbech - Peterborough this evening, it must have taken up the diagram of the missing 15.10 to Lowestoft. Still very mystifying though and not much good if you were a). The guy at Walton Highway who it seemed retired to the pub and b) aforementioned teenage person at Walpole.

Sunday 30th May 2010 ~ Brief and To The Point !

37563 has the fan problem and is making a lot of noise currently. Here it passes Walpole on the 11.10 from Peterborough eastbound today.
All B9s today, viz 37563/3/4/5/7, 37574/5/7/8/9. Almost all services seemed to run on time which probably reflects today's disappointing weather. At least today's picture was taken in the sun.
Harry sent me an email and says "Hi, just in case you want to know I saw coach 20115 at Salhouse near Wroxham today at about 3pm. It had no destination displayed and was driving through Salhouse with lights on  empty. This didn't surprise me though because First do not run a Sunday Service through Salhouse. Just wondered if anyone knew why it was here? ".
Well over to you readers ......

Saturday May 29th 2010 ~ Delays and Destinations

Saturdays are very hit and miss for punctuality these days. Within 5 minutes of schedule is pretty much X1 standard time and thankfully delays in excess of this are rare for such a frequent and demanding service.
I saw several services today, but it was around lunchtime at Wisbech where things seem to have gone wrong.
37565 on L12 was seen 9 late heading to Peterborough, I missed Y13 but was then surprised to see K14 departing the Horsefair 29 late with 37573. A little further down the B198 I passed K15, itself 15 late with 37579. I did see Y13 returning into Wisbech bound for Lowestoft with 37567 running 17 late. After this the timetable seemed to right itself.
Yesterday's accident victim 37576 was of course absent today and a total low floor scenario was avoided by the welcome appearance of Royale 34108 on K18. The trend towards Geminis converting to large style destination displays continues, all the B7s carry this style and noted newly amended today was 37572. Originally only 37575/6/8/9 were programmed with the large font, but now the only survivors with narrow font displays are 37564/8/9, 37570/7/9. Of these 37579 is the odd one out as it was originally large font, but was altered during a visit to Volvo.
There were a couple of swaps today with 37568 on K1 being changed at Lowestoft for the noisy 37563 and L9 with 37569 and Y10 with 37157 had their vehicles reversed this evening, indicating either a spot of overtaking or alternatively a problem this evening with the B7.


Friday 28th May 2010 ~ The Second Test

No, not cricket, but the second Friday before a Bank Holiday this month. This guaranteed the timetable was only loosely adhered to eastbound, but Peterborough bound X1s viewed departing from Wisbech were as follows
Y7 37576 2 late, L8 37567 on time and at last QUIET !, Y9 34108 9 late, L10 37579 on time, L11 37568 2 late, L12 37577 12 late, Y13 37578 4 late, K14 37564 6 late, K15 37574 11 late, K16 37569 16 late, K17 37562 8 late, K18 37157 24 late, K19 37573 3 late, K1 37566 6 late, K2 37572 10 late and K3 37160 7 late.
This doesn't tell the whole story of course, but overall it was a big improvement on the last FBBH.
Going to Lowestoft, the worst delays seemed to be K15 19 late and K16 26 late. Around midday 37576 was involved in an accident in Swaffham but it is not known what replaced it. Earlier Paragon 20501 had worked L10 to King's Lynn where a freshly serviced 37579 took over. 37565/575 were not seen in service today.


Thursday 27th May 2010 ~ Wave The Magic Wand

Alright, we know it is their job, but today was a good example of how that as soon as a Gemini collapses, another (as if by magic - a bit like the shopkeeper, for those of a certain age) is sure to appear for the powers that be.
Chatting to Bruce this morning at just after 08.30 we awaited the first through westbound service from the coast as usual, expecting to see a B9. Instead about 11 late along came dear old 20118. It had come to the rescue of 37575 which had been unable to proceed beyond King's Lynn for some reason. Unfortunately traffic conspired to make 118 20 late coming back from Peterborough, however, here enters the magic wand and on arrival at Lynn the 11.02 to Lowestoft departed with a hastily produced 37577 which had been absent since arriving at Lynn on Monday night. A visit to Volvo would seem to account for this.
L10 ran with 37156 this morning, it being swapped for 37572 at Lowestoft this afternoon.

Syd sends rather distressing news :   Gerard, your favorite coach 20107 has been removed from service for its Pre MOT Inspection and as expected many faults were listed, some serious. It has been taken off the pit and parked nose-in at the rear of Gasworks Road with the report in the cab. Its fate now rests on the decision to authorise the expenditure or withdraw it. Fingers crossed, but it cannot now re-enter service until recitification takes place despite still being in ticket. The Tri-axles are still making guest appearances on the X1 shorts, 30101 being seen tonight on the 1725 Lowestoft to Gt Yarmouth. I think it is wonderful these superb machines ( as long as you dont have to drive one ) still get a thrash on an Express Service at their age". 
 I suppose the news on 107 was predictable, so now we have to wait and see. Speaking of Tri-axles, it reminds me that a few years ago one Saturday evening, following an A47 riot, two of the monsters turned up at Lynn on incoming X1s, both being promptly sent packing on the Sunday morning first thing.
One of our regular Yarmouth correspondents adds "20126 is away being repaired at the moment - possibly a new engine. Withdrawn Olympian 34872 has gone to Erith Commercials scrap dealer and we have only 2 remaining in service here 34921 and 34333. Other condemned stuff includes Darts 46725 and 46726 47215 47217 46807 and Tri-axle 30100 which are all to follow,  not much left of them now, one even has windows removed !"
Noisy 37567 was taken off the road today for attention to its malfunctioning fan and 37574 was successfully given its MOT, being back at Vancouver Avenue tonight. Royale 34108 was allocated to K18 today which is normally a B7 turn which ends at Great Yarmouth. Finally 20501 worked K19, but was unable to work the final leg this evening and Syd reports it at Lowestoft garage overnight. 37564 worked back to Lynn instead having come in to Lowestoft on K2.
Services through Wisbech averaged around 6 late from lunchtime, but K3 with 37159 was 13 late departing as the 16.48 to Peterborough.


Wednesday 26th May 2010 ~ Beware of Low Flying Easy Jets !

The advertising campaigns for 'Easy Jet' are usually long drawn out affairs, but not so this time. I am reliably informed that the current crop of ads have been a flop - not because of ash clouds or industrial action, but because they have been falling off buses !
37573 has, as we previously mentioned, lost part of its advert and eagle eyed travellers will have spotted a few crumpled examples alongside various points of the A47. Nobody seems quite sure why this has happened, but it explains why new ads for 'Letters to Juliet' have largely replaced the Easy Jet ones. Tonight 37565 was about to become the final recipient of the new ad.
37577 was again absent today and with 37574 on MOT and 37562 only returning from repairs at Volvo this afternoon, the shortfall had to be met by using 20109 on K3 and Paragon 501 on K5. From the coast, 34108 worked Y7, while noisy 37567 worked K16 from Lynn to Lowestoft and was then replaced by 37157. Again 37158 was the only B7 not in X1 use today.
For the second day running, delays befell K16 and today it was 25 late on its scheduled Wisbech departure time of 13.48 to Peterborough. Lack of trade saw the following K17 with 37576 just 4 minutes behind running slightly early.
 Mid afternoon services were slightly behind time, but an incident with remarkable similarities to yesterdays saw things grind to a halt in King's Lynn around 16.15. I am informed that a lady pedestrian was fatally injured by a dustcart on Railway Road/London Road in King's Lynn which brought traffic to a stand for quite some time. K2 15.45 to Peterborough with 37578 was just 5 late, but there was then a long gap before 20109 appeared on K3 very late indeed. B10M sister 20118 is thought to have done a relief to Peterborough, with K4 and 37572 following and arriving at Peterborough sufficiently late to jump an hour and then form Y6 19.05 to Lowestoft.
 Paragon 20501 did K5 as booked, but Y6 with 37570 was seen by Bruce entering Wisbech at 18.47, 30 late and with 'not in service' showing, although with punters on board. The decision had already been made for 570 to terminate at Wisbech and return east as K4.
Meanwhile in King's Lynn. London Road inbound was closed by the police and most X1s ran via Tennyson Avenue and Gaywood Road to reach the bus station. One service which bucked the trend was L11, the terminating 16.55 from Lowestoft, with 37565. This passed me on London Road and would then have been diverted into Millfleet - for us older chaps, Millfleet was the site of the old Lynn bus station closed in 1973. I have in my minds eye a picture of 37565 turning back the clock some 37 years and depositing its passengers on Millfleet with the driver giving directions to the present bus station ! Whether this happened would be interesting to discover as would be the route taken after this, which would presumably have been via the quayside and Tuesday Market Place, possible new territory for a B9.
Rob Brooks reports things returning to normal this evening with 37564 on time on L10 20.22 Wisbech to Peterborough as was the 20.05 ex Peterborough with 37566.

Tuesday 25th May 2010 ~ Letters to Juliet

Most of the Lowestoft and Yarmouth overnight berthed Geminis reappeared today with new nearside adverts for 'Letters to Juliet' replacing various versions of the Easy Jet advert. New rear advert campaigns on the fleet include another for LV. Com and more locally Wests Garage of King's Lynn.
After a comparitively quiet period, things livened up today. K1 started the day with 37568, but this was stopped for a service and Royale 34108 took over, its first X1 duty for over 3 weeks. K2 had 37569 early on, but this afternoon it is thought to have been cancelled west of Lynn as 20501 on K3 was fairly wedged on what is normally a lightly loaded service at 16.48 from Wisbech to Peterborough.
K5 was the day's highlight with B10M 20109 being provided. Sam couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the venerable coach in Norwich. B7s 37156/7/9/60 were all in use, leaving 37158 on King's Lynn local work.
Rob Brooks reports a pedestrian being struck by a lorry near King's Lynn station just after lunch and K16 13.15 to Peterborough with 37157 was consequently delayed by 15 minutes. Otherwise, punctuality was good.
37564 had an exam at Lowestoft today, while 37562 & 37577 were both absent at the western end today.


Monday 24th May 2010 ~ B10Ms, More Gloom

A bonus extra day off before I return to X1 hq tomorrow saw me visiting Bruce early this afternoon. 37573 was the chosen B9 to replace the ailing 37562. Note the butchered Easy Jet advert.

Quite amazing, Bruce and myself are busy chatting away and suddenly realise half an hour has passed and yet another X1 is due, this time under blue skies. K18 & 37160 passes by with a driver conscious of the camera !

One of my Yarmouth correspondents who keeps his ears to the ground was in touch today with more bad news for B10M Premiere fans. Apparently driver trainer 20129 is awaiting a decision as to whether repairs can be authorised and a similar scenario could well be the case for X1 standby 20126. Former X1 babe 20128 is standing in for driver training duties in the meantime.
The prospects of finding ex First Essex 20102 on the X1 are diminishing rapidly. Sam says it is being repainted white for schools (I thought school buses were yellow ??) at Bury St. Edmunds and it is intended to replace 20124 at Ipswich which it would seem is terminally 'blown up'.

Back to the X1 then and today Paragon 20501 was used on K5 to give a little variety from otherwise Gemini saturation. 37574 is on MOT this week and 37562 was not at King's Lynn garage this evening, so may be berthed at Ford & Slaters or possibly at Volvo for its repairs.

Sunday 23rd May 2010 ~ Sunshine All The Way

How can anyone take seriously a bus with an advert for 'Space Chimps 2 in HD' ? I didn't get where I am today by advertising 'Space Chimps 2 in HD' !! 569 heads eastbound on the 09.10 from Peterborough this morning carrying some passengers bemused at having their picture taken.

Another contentious advert borne by 37577 encouraging the masses to travel by Easy Jet to Paris & Madrid. Surely the Costa Del Walpole Highway will suffice in this weather ? This was the 11.08 from the Highway to Peterborough today.

37567 was still being very noisy when seen passing Walton Highway at 11.20, about 10 late. Note also the lack of a nearside advert - rare these days.

37570 heads eastbound on the 16.10 from Peterborough today.
A bit of a picture post this as not much to report. Services in the middle of the day were delayed a little by the extra traffic heading to the coast, but otherwise a quiet day on which the ten turns were worked by Geminis 37563/4/7/8/9, 37570/2/6/7 & B7 37156.

Tonight the last westbound service to Peterborough was about 8 late leaving King's Lynn with 37563 and .......get the earplugs, it has the fan problem too !

Saturday 22nd May 2010 ~ What a Racket

The fine weather which is forecast to fade away in the next few days, again saw the crowd heading to the coast and throwing a spanner into the works of the X1 timetable in the process. At lunchtime K16 with 37575 was 25 late through Terrington heading to Peterborough and Bruce saw K14 with 37157 off route on the Peterborough northern bypass with 'not in service' on the blinds, although passengers were on board. This leads me to last night when Jamie R reports a passenger at Queensgate bemoaning the 'no show' of L8 and having to wait 90 minutes for L10. L8 with 37564 was seen heading into King's Lynn a little late, but with 'not in service' showing at 21.30.
The normally reliable 37562 was taken off the road today needing a new brake caliper, so K17 was worked by 37576 instead.
A complete low floor experience was avoided today by the use of Paragon 20501 on K3, from which it was removed at 16.15 and replaced by 37573. This was to enable 501 to have a thorough clean before working a 'private hire' to London tomorrow.
Finally the racket referred to above belongs to 37567 which was deafening bystanders who witnessed K1 today, the fan problem experienced by 37570 seems to have afflicted 567 also. Now where's that warranty card ?

I ventured up to Walpole Highway at lunchtime in the forlorn hope that the good weather might provide an outing for 'The Beast' on L12, the Saturday short turn which does just a Lowestoft - Peterborough return trip - alas 37565 which had been absent since Monday was battered into shape to work the turn.


X1 Blog w/e 21/5/10

Well I'm back again and in my absence various people have been helping me out, Steven, John W, Michael B, Cheryl, Mr C, Rob Brooks and of course Bruce have all done their bit, so a big thank you to all.
All in all it doesn't seem like I've missed much and here's a brief rundown of the main events :

Friday 14th May

Bruce is hung up at the supermarket, but still manages a few sightings : "Well its alright for some to swan off to the fleshpots of Shropshire (Ludlow) while the rest of us carry on X1 watching. Mind you I think the Blogmeister is still in Firstland so all is not lost. (Indeed Bruce, 67239 was in Ludlow this afternoon !)

Today only managed K3 - 158, Y7 - 576 and L11 - 568 however a visit to Rowan Road for a B10M fix revealed that 20109, now out of MOT, was not present alongside 20131/104/105/106 as expected. It seems to be Richard's favourite, so maybe another MOT is in the offing?  30888 was present also in the middle of the yard imitating a Robin Reliant, having no wheels on the rear offside".
Steven sent me a list of what was reportedly out and it seems to have been a totally low floor affair. Cheryl confirmed 37577 on K5 and all the usual B9s were in use except (possibly) 37569. 37156/7/8 made up the numbers.

Saturday 15th May

Bruce says "K2 - 579, K3 - 158 and Y6 564 . Saw more but B9 blindness and memory loss struck !". Really Bruce, I'm not psychic you know ! However, Mr C says 563 was K4 and 577 K5 to which we can add the same Geminis as yesterday with 37569 returning and 37572 the one which had a day off.

Sunday 16th May

A few gleanings here 37156 & 37563 worked and Bruce adds "567 on the 19.08 to KL, sounding like a tractor and with oil streaks emanating from the engine cover. It passed 568 on the 19.08 to PB". Doesn't sound good for 567 then ?

Monday 17th May

Steven, Bruce and Rob Brooks all came up trumps today. Rob was in Norwich and says "Seen today

37575(Pest!!!) At Norwich Bus Stn on K15 1103 to Peterborough, departed 1105

37576 departed Norwich Bus Station on K3 at 1119 to Lowestoft
37574 departed Norwich Bus Station on K16 at 1128 to Peterborough
37577 left Norwich Bus Station at 1333 on K1 to Peterborough
37569 L10 1450 Norwich - Lowestoft left on time
20107 arrived Norwich going to Peterborough on K4 1453 and here she is :

The Beast in Norwich (Rob Brooks)
37572 departed Norwich on K14 1654 to Lowestoft

Bruce enlarges on this "good day day for washing Leyland Nationals while watching X1s producing :
K1 37577, K2 37579, K3 37576, K4 37565 BUT The Beast had taken over on the 13.25 ex Lowestoft and its return
K5 37158, Y6 37573, Y7 37567!, L8 37570, Y9 37566, L10 37569, L11 37157, L12 37568, Y13 37156, K14 37572, K15 37575, K16 37574, K17 37562 (Yawn), K18 37563 & K19 37578".
Paragon 20501 had a major service and examination at Lynn today.

Tuesday 18th May
More gen from our intrepid trio. Bruce continues :  "Another good day for washing Leyland Nationals using a ladder to give a full view of the X1 route. So.... K1 37569, K2 evaded me three times!, K3 37575,  K4 37567!, K5 37158, Y6 37577 14 late to PB and 29 1/2 late to Lynn, Y7 20107 2 late to PB and on time and 200 yds behind Y6 on its return complete with discerning passengers.
L8 37579, Y9 apparently evaded me twice but did it run at all?, L10 37572, L11 37564, L12 37573,
Y13 an unidentified B9, K14 37156, K15 37578, K16 37566. K17 K17 37562 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,
K18 37157 and K19 37576".
Rumour hath that K2 was 37568, Y9 37570 and Y13 37563 Bruce, but nice to see the 'Beast' still at large. Michael Bryant says - a B9 on the X2 again after a few weeks break, this time 37574 on the 13.38 ex Lowestoft and then the Beccles school run ".

Wednesday 19th May
Heavens ! The 'First' buses in Hereford are even older than ours, Darts 47003 & 47013 were about this afternoon, anyway I digress...
Bruce says " A good day to build a bonfire of hedge cuttings in sight of the road", but how close were you Bruce ?
"K1 37572 and a conundrum. It passed me in my field 5 late to PB at 15.39 (sitting in wheelbarrow waiting for sheer class on K16!) but I met it again at 18.24 in Guyhirn on its return from PB when it should have passed the observatory at 17.34! K2 and K3 evaded me. K4 37575, K5 37158, Y6 37569, Y7 37574,
L8 37564, Y9 37579, L10 37156, L11 37577, L12 37568, Y13 37157, K14 37563, K15 37576, K16 20107 on time at 13.34 but 18 late on its return from PB, K17 37562 yet again, K18 37570and finally K19 37578".
Problem here as other sources quote 37564 as K1, 37572 as K3, 37574 as L8 and 37567 as Y7, so may be swapping was going on, surely Bruce's binoculars aren't too blame ? Steven confirms K2 as 37573 and |K3 starting the day with 20501 which was reportedly changed at some point for 37572. Far more importantly than all that though is the exit of 20107 on K16 - will we see it again ??

Thursday 20th
The blogathon continues with Bruce "Clearing up yard - when not sitting in chair sunning myself beside the road. (Luxury X1 observations - yes I have a chair in the front garden!!!)

K1 37568, K2 37577, K3 20501 all day, K4 37567! K5 37160, Y6 37564, Y7 37575, L8 37569, Y9 37574, L10 37566, L11 37563, L12 37573, Y13 37570, K14 37157, K15 37578 13 late at 13.17, K16 37156 9 late at 13.43, K17 guesses , anyone ? K18 37572 and K19 37579".

Friday 21st
Bruce's last day at the helm and he says "Well, K4 slipped by before I could focus my eyes, but K19 was already 6 late at 07.37 with 37576. K1 was on time so I missed it but K5 was 12 late at 08.13 to PB but only 1 late on its return with 37575. K2 and Y6 similarly avoided me by running on time (as much of the timetable has been this week) but were both B9s.

I heard 37567 on Y7 long before I saw it and it passed 20501 on K3 at the bungalow. L8 was another B9 I just missed and K4 was 37574. Y9 passed with 37569 and L10 offered 37157 . Y6 on its return proved to be 37568 9 late. L11 was 37578 and I meet 37156 near to the garage on L12. Inside the garage at Lynn was a B10M on No 1 pit (20109?) next to 43472 with 37579 stood on the wash.
Driving to Rowan, I met 20118 with X40 on the blinds performing crew shuttles. Inside were the usual occupants plus 65529 which has been O.O.S for two weeks now, and 30888 which appeared to be devoid of all brake gear on the rear offside as well as the wheels (Same corner as 30902 caught light on!).
Back home met 37156 on L12 again and Y13 was 37572. No guesses about yesterdays K17 - obviously too hard a question - so some clues today : it wasn't 34108 or 34921! K18 is 37160 and K14 came back from PB with 37579 so a swap has taken place at Lynn. K15 is 37570 and I just missed K1 (a B9) cos I was typing this! Normal blog service will resume on Monday. Noted in my new BUSES that 20110 is being prepared for sale - peasants!"
The B10M appreciation Society.
Well I can add my sincere thanks to Bruce for his dedication as always and as I returned to the flatlands late this afternoon seen were  K1 with 37563, K2 37566, Y7 37567, L8 37564 and K19 37576. Maintenance swaps touched on by Bruce saw K14 start witth 37578 which was changed for 37579 and K16 which was 37573 received a refreshed 37578 later in the day.

John W writes "Just to let you know where the coaches have got to while you were away - Today  Friday 21st, the 3 from Hunston in the morning were 20109/18/21. 20118 was the X40 coach. I don't know when '09 came back on the scene, but on Tues 18th 20123 was working, and was the X40 service coach. Looks like there are 4 Premieres to choose from again ?". Yes John, the good news is that 20109 was MOTd again yesterday (Thursday) and this will probably mean 20123, which is less reliable will become the standby vehicle.


Thursday 13th May 2010 ~ I'll Be Back

Well hopefully anyway..... this is my last blog for a week as I'm off on holiday. My departure coincides with that of 20107 which worked K1 this morning, but which was replaced at Lowestoft by 37566. So I leave you in the hands of a totally low floor service, but any developments will be monitored by our regular team headed by Bruce. Please send any updates to my usual email address and I will do a combined blogathon when I return.
Today there was a minor blip early on with the two services due past me (just outside Wisbech) at 09.20, both appearing at 09.34, these being K4 with 37576 and Y7 with 37565. after this things were pretty much on time, the exception being K16 14.35 from Peterborough with the perpetually late 568 which contrived to be 14 late.
37562 on K17 once again departed Wisbech a couple of minutes early on the 14.18 to Peterborough. Today saw the return to traffic of B9 37567 which last worked an X1 on Friday 7th. It appeared on L12 but is still without any advertising on the nearside. It may well have been to Volvo for warranty repairs, or possibly an MOT at Yarmouth.

Wednesday 12th May 2010 ~ Fill Me Up

20107 on L10 passing through Walpole at just after 8pm this evening.

As I've mentioned before, scarcely a day goes by now when a Lowestoft bound evening bus doesn't have to make an unscheduled stop at Vancouver Avenue for refuelling. I think the record stands at three such services in one night ! I cannot ever recall this happening when coaches were in use, so presumably the B9s use more fuel and a tankful is often insufficient to last the day. Tonight 37570 was the visitor on Y6 20.35 to Lowestoft.
Paragon 20501 found itself deputising once more today because 37564 failed to appear on Y7. It is not known whether the B9 set out from Yarmouth, but it is confirmed that it visited Volvo at some point in the proceedings. 501 was not seen by Bruce or myself going to Peterborough and it is thought that it made a quick run via the A47 bypasses to regain the turn commencing with the 10.05 from Peterborough.
37567 was again absent but Lowestoft sent out 'The Beast' on L10 instead of 20127. King's Lynn meanwhile unusually used 37568 on internal turn K5.
K1 began the day with 37563 but this was changed for freshly serviced 37569 at Lowestoft. At least punctuality was good with 8 minutes being the biggest defecit westbound.
On the King's Lynn schools front, John W says "Monday morning the three for schools were 20118/21/20501 but on Tuesday morning 20121 and 20123 were seen. I guess the third was not in. as held in traffic while on X40 (that would indicate 20118 was the third). You may see on the Yahoo group that a B10B/Wright 60304 was a visitor (?) at Lynn this morning showing Driver Training on the display. The vehicle was not showing L-plates".

Tuesday 11th March 2010 ~ Going Bananas

I certainly thought I was 'going bananas' this morning when 37572 passed my window with a new bold advert for a movie "Space Chimps 2". I don't know what surprised me more, the inane title or the fact that this was obviously a sequel !!! As the day went on, it became apparent that several of the buses which overnighted at King's Lynn had been similarly adorned.
Last night L10 ran west of Lynn with 37569 (off Y9) with 20127 retiring to Vancouver Avenue. 127 was Ok again today though and worked K16 which ends at Lowestoft. This spoiled (if that is the right word) an otherwise low floor day. Even 37569 on K4 which required a service at Lowestoft was swapped for a sister vehicle in the shape of 37564.
Punctuality was better today with worst performer being 37157 on K18 15.35 from Peterborough and this was only 8 late.
37562 worked Y6 throughout yesterday and today it came out of Lowestoft on L11 paving the way for it to resume its normal duty on K17 tomorrow.

Monday 10th May 2010 ~ Holiday Thoughts

Every 30 minutes or so at work these days, I find myself dreaming of far off destinations (well farther away than Peterboro' and Lowestoft anyway), it might be Paris or Madrid, or may be Paris and Amsterdam or even Faro, Malaga and Alicante. This is all down to the latest Easy Jet advertising campaign which features three (and not two as reported previously) groups of holiday destinations, which, providing there is not a volcanic dust cloud in the vicinity, can be accessed by the said budget airline. All the B9s and (quite probably) the B7s too carry a version of this advert currently.
Today punctuality was poorer than usual, particularly in the middle of the day. 37569 on Y9 11.05 from Peterborough was 9 late, but 20127 - again performing to cover the shortfall - was just 2 late. L11 12.05 ex P'bo was 11 late with 37573 and L12 12 down with 37157. Y13 had a change of vehicle at Lynn with 37570 coming off for a scheduled service and Paragon 20501 deputising. Even this was 13 late and the nadir was reached with K14 worked by 37564 at 15 late, all times at Wisbech. Things improved after this timewise. 37156/7/8 were all on X1 duties today, while absent B9s were 37567/8.
37573 was noted in use today (and on Saturday) with part of its Easy Jet advert missing.


Sunday May 11th 2010 ~ Shhhhh !

At last a quiet day with just a few delays in the middle of the day. On Sundays the King's Lynn drivers normally take half a dozen B9 Geminis off the garage to work the X1 service, but today 37562 was taken and worked a turn which finishes at Yarmouth thus meaning it will not be K17 (its normal turn) tomorrow. The rest of the Sunday X1 was worked by 37564/9, 37573/4/5/7/9 & 37156/8.
B7 37160 was unusually for a Sunday, used on King's Lynn local duties today.

Saturday May 8th 2010 ~ Oh No ! Not another fire ?

A thoroughly miserable day weatherwise and ony a few X1s seen by myself, although Bruce and Rob B helped to paint the full picture. 37562 was due its fortnightly safety service, so it worked K5 and its regular turn, K17, was handed over to 37575. Lowestoft's 37565 was removed from K4 at King's Lynn tonight with a brake problem and B7 37156 worked forward at 19.35 to Lowestoft. Last night it was Y6 which was in trouble. 37574 refused to restart at Lynn at 18.00 and Paragon 20501 took over taking it through to Lowestoft. This morning 501 did L11. L8 meanwhile was stalwart 20127.
Rob B took 37563 on the 21.05 Peterborough - King's Lynn tonight, along with a few victorious Leeds United fans, however, on approaching Wisbech they were diverted away from South Brink because .... yes you've guessed it, another building fire on the North Brink opposite. This required additional water relayed from the south side of the river, hence the closure of the normal X1 route into Wisbech.
Late tonight 37573 working K2 was replaced by 37564 for the last trip back to King's Lynn.


Friday May 7th 2010 ~ No Overall Majority

The X1 could, I suppose, be described as a 'Hung Service'. The B9s operating with support from the B7s plus the B10Ms and occasionally one of the two Paragons.
There was much debate on the East Anglian Bus Board recently about the possibility of 20501 being 'transferred' to First Essex. 20500/1 are part of a general pool it would seem with Rail Replacement being their prime function. They only seem to return to King's Lynn when maintenance is necessary.
John Wilson says "This morning the 3 coaches on bus station were 20118/20121 and 20501. Cannot guarantee the B12 came from Hunstanton schools, but looked like it did.  Yesterday 20109 was in use, as I met her returning from Hunstanton schools pm and last Tuesday morning, I was fazed to see 20123 in from Hunston - had not seen her in use for many moons".
It looks as though 20123 is still poorly as it has been in Vancouver Avenue the past couple of days. With 109s MOT having expired, 20501 must have been the only option for the third schools run today.
Yarmouth's 20126 which hasn't been on a full X1 since March 11th was being borrowed by Norwich today. Picture from Rob Brooks
Here she is ! 20115 on a 29 seen in Norwich by Rob this afternoon
Chris Dugdell reports on East Anglia Bus Group that 20115 which is still at Norwich was seen "out and about on the last X3 to Watton on Wednesday afternoon this week. It does this after operating the 901 from Hellesdon High School in the afternoon". Rob Brooks was at Norwich this afternoon and says "37572 arrived Norwich 1745 to Lowestoft on K16, 37566 arrived Norwich L10 1751 to Peterborough, 20127 arrived Norwich 1754 off a X2 and......20115 departed Norwich 1750 on an X3 !".
37572 photographed in Norwich by Rob Brooks on K16 and below 20127 having a more restful moment on the X2.

Today was notable in that the B9s finally got their act together with 37562 - 37579 (37571 excluded of course) all in X1 action for the first time since March 15th. There were a couple of swaps with 20107 on K1 being replaced by 37563 at Lowestoft and 37574 failing at King's Lynn with a relay needing replacement on Y6 and Paragon 20501 being a surprise choice to take over. This means 20501 will overnight at Lowestoft.

Ian writes "Hi Gerard, Just thought I'd let you know that I'm playing around with Google Earth now and I've created an overlay with Bus and Coach locations on it. Everything from Depots, Bus Stations, Scrap Yards, Museums. I would welcome any help with locations that I don't have - I have created a googlegroup to make it easy to spread the info around and if you'd like to join me (and give a plug on the blog if you can!!) then please do.
I welcome everyone who is interested. Thanks, Ian.

Thursday 6th May 2010 ~ 'X' Marks the Spot

So with me esconced in a village hall with some ballot boxes miles some two miles from the X1 route from 06.30 - 22.00 today, it was down to the rest of you to report the days proceedings.
Andrew James says "As Gerard is busy at the polling station today and Bruce has relatives visiting I thought I would provide some sightings, so I took up my usual post at King s Lynn - here's what I saw...

1432 - Y13 - 20109! came in from PBO but was swapped with 37576 which worked forward to LOW 10 late.
1445 Pbo K19 - 37570 on time
1502 Lft K14 - 37569 on time
1515 Pbo K1 - 37574 on time
1532 Lft K15 - 37578 5 late
1545 Pbo K2 - 37564 on time
1602 Lft K16 - 37156 5 late
1615 Pbo K3 - 20501 on time
1632 Lft K17 - 37562 5 late
1645 Pbo K4 - 37565 on time
1702 Lft K18 - 37157 on time
1715 Pbo K5 - 37575 on time
1732 Lft K19 - 37570 13 late
1745 Pbo Y6 - 37563 on time
1802 Lft K1 - 37574 on time

Great stuff Andy, thanks very much for that marathon session. Rob Brooks confirms several of the above too and other sightings reported were from Bruce :

Y6 37563, Y7 37579, L10 37567.

After delivering the ballot box, I persuaded my sister to drive past Vancouver Avenue. Inside were 37572 off Y9 and 37577 off L11. This just leaves two turns unaccounted for. L8, which looks to have started as booked with 37573, but was changed for the missing 37568 at Lowestoft and L12 which we met at Walpole Highway at 23.10 with 20107.
20109 which was seen by Andy arriving on Y13 had replaced 37576 for the 11.45 to Peterborough and 576 was obviously OK to resume the diagram at 14.32. This may well be the last appearance of 20109 for a while, as its MOT expired today. Sam says 20127 was used on the 17.08 Lowestoft - Norwich X2 this afternoon.


Wednesday 5th May 2010 ~ TLC Required

Bruce and myself awaited eagerly this morning to see what would turn up on Y6 05.50 Yarmouth - Peterborough as this is normally the bus off the previous day's K1 which in this instance was 20127. We weren't to be disappointed as just a few minutes late 127 passed by. Jamie R was a passenger on it from Wisbech and I paused on my journey to work at Wisbech bus station for a photo of 127. It arrived with a badly squealing fan belt and I later had a text from Jamie saying "This bus is making a lot of noise when it goes round bends - sometimes buses just keep on going when it's time to retire and call it a day". Oh Dear ! Better not tell Bruce that. 127 was last seen this evening, still on Y6 leaving Terrington slightly late and still kicking and screaming. If it completes Y6 it will have travelled 465 miles today.
Yesterday 37563 was used on K15, as I have said before it is very rare for Lowestoft B9s to be used on King's Lynn 'internals', but especialy so in the case of K15. In fact it was only the second occasion this year (the other was when 37567 was used on March 19) that this turn has not started the day with one of Lynn's 3757x Geminis. Things were back to normal today though with 563 on K2 and K15 with 37575.
Paragon 20501 was K3 for the second day in a row, this time 10 late this morning and 3 late this afternoon. Punctuality was pretty good today, but K16 with 37577 left Wisbech for Peterborough two minutes early at 13.16. This is not the first time 37577 has run early - may be its dashboard clock needs adjusting ?
An unidentified B9 Gemini - believed to be 37574 - was over the pits at Vancouver Avenue at lunchtime being examined by at leat 6 fitters including a Volvo engineer. 37 158 was back on K5 today and 37566 absent, so may be I was imagining things yesterday (see previous blog entry).
37568 is having another holiday and has appeared on the X1 on just one day since April 20th.
Syd says "Hi Gerard,  As you like to follow the old girl, I thought you may be interested that 20107 has unusually spent the day on Lowestoft locals…operating the 1613 and 1813 Ser 99 to Southwold this evening and then booked to work the 2113 ser 1A to Martham ( not actually happened yet when I typed this of course ). It is the first B10M coach on the 99s for quite a while as it is difficult to turn at Southwold with them, so they have to work the old route in up the High Street and turn at the Market place…which takes a couple of shunts". Well they say Southwold is a retirement haven don't they ? I wonder if that's what 'The Beast' is thinking ?
Bruce says he will see some services tomorrow, but he has relatives staying so may not see much. He also says he has to go out and vote  - for the Monster Raving Looney X1 party of course, as he is determined that Sam's X2 party fail in their bid to introduce proportional bustentation. Me, I'm at a polling station all day tomorrow clocking the voters in, so I hope the X1 behaves.

Tuesday 4th May 2010 ~ Unanswered Questions

Somehow B10M 20127 made yet another return visit to King's Lynn yesterday - not sure how, but it looks like it replaced 37570 at Lowestoft. Today 20127 worked K1 all day, but when Bruce saw it at 15.35 it sounded quite unhealthy, however, it survived the day and was on time departing Wisbech on the 15.48 to Peterborough. Meanwhile K4 started the day with 20107, but this was rested at Lowestoft and was then spotted by Michael Bryant on a schools contract run. Its replacement was 37565.
K5 had 37158, but when I saw this turn at 17.35 it was a B9 which although not positively identified, looked like 37566. Now 566 had been on K2 this morning, but this afternoon this turn had 37570 ! Added to all this B7 37160 which had been seen on Lowestoft depot on Sunday morning was tonight at Vancouver Avenue. but with all incoming diagrams from Lowestoft accounted for. Some very odd goings on then, all of which can be explained quite logically by the operators, but not by me.
Paragon 20501 worked K3 today, 7 late this morning and 14 late this evening, but (unusually for a B12) this was the worst delayed service seen today. 37562 did one of its quick trips to Peterborough, 8 late from Wisbech on the 14.18 to Peterborough, but only 4 late coming back and earlier 37576 on the 10.18 (Y9) did even better, 8 late outward and 3 late returning. This afternoon, K19 seemed to take an alternative route in and out of Wisbech as I didn't see it in either direction. This was 10 late with 37574 passing Bruce, but on time returning through Walpole Highway.
A rash of new rear adverts for Kwik Fit's ability to provide car owners with cooler air-con appeared overnight. 37567 appeared in traffic today without an advert on the nearside - may be the gusty winds over the weekend were responsible ? The official line is that adverts cannot be removed until a replacement is ready to be fitted.

Monday May 3rd 2010 ~ Subtle Changes

So a Bank Holiday Monday with a Sunday service and little to report. Delays during the middle of the day were expected due to volumes of traffic and the 15.08 to Peterborough and 15.10 to Lowestoft were both observed at Walpole Highway running 14 minutes late with 37570 & 37563 respectively.
37562 was on the equivalent of its normal weekday turn and was the 14.08 to Peterborough seen 16 late. 562 was also in action yesterday, so little rest for this one.
34108 was also out again today, it worked the 07.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough and 11.10 back to Lowestoft where it was retired for a well earned rest. 37577 returned in its place from Lowestoft and 37579 was sent empty to Yarmouth to get some B9s back in action.
B10M 20127 looks to have replaced 37570 this evening on the 20.48 from Lowestoft. 37563 which had been resting since last Wednesday has re-emerged with a new rear ad for Bennetts TV.

Sunday May 2nd 2010 ~ Just The Ticket

The X1 now requires 10 vehicles in the Sunday timetable, but today we know at least 11 if not more were used.
I viewed the 11.10 departure from Walpole Highway to Lowestoft this morning and was surprised to find it was Royale 34108 on the job. Coming the other way, but 15 minutes late due to delays caused by the Great Eastern Run taking place in King's Lynn was Gemini 37564. The latter had regained all this lost time by this evening.
Comparison of rears may not be a usual aspect associated with bus websites, but nevertheless here is 37156 seen from behind and showing the offset destination box which is a giveaway at night.
.... and here is 34108 photographed this morning and also featuring an AXA insurance ad occupying a higher position than seen on the Geminis.

B7 37156 was out today working the 13.05 from Peterborough, but highlight of the day was caused by the inability of the ticket machine on 37577 to work properly. This resulted in 20127 replacing it at Lynn tonight on this turn which appropriately finishes at Great Yarmouth.
More unadvertised Bank Holiday weekend sunshine with 37570 approaching Walton Highway this afternoon as the 17.10 to Peterborough.


Saturday May 10th 2010 ~ May Day Mayhem

Saturdays are normally relatively incident free, but that could not be said of today. I wasn't near the route for much of the time but have managed to piece together what happened with some help from Rob Brooks. Firstly, yesterday's disruption meant that instead of 37565, 37568, 37578 & 37157 returning to Lynn last night, instead swaps saw 37564/6/7 & 37156 come in instead.
20107 proving that a coach is man's best friend - well at least as far as King's Lynn !

My first sightings of the day were at Walpole Highway just after 10.30 with 34108 passing through on Y10 and going the other way, 'The Beast' on Y6 09.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft. For unknown reasons 20107 was taken off this trip at Lynn and replaced by 37576 - possibly heavy loadings were anticipated ? 20107 then made the short but highly unusual journey to Rowan Road. The compound there is usually reserved for King's Lynn town & local buses plus any B7s not working on Excel.
After lunch I thought I'd take advantage of the good weather which was the opposite of what was forecast and try and get a picture of 37562 on K17. Taking up my chosen spot, I was surprised to find K17 one minute early with 37569 ! Well as you've probably guessed, this turned out to be K16 running 29 minutes late. K17 was indeed 37562 running a few minutes behind. Later in the afternoon, 37562 was sent to Vancouver Avenue and it is not known what (if anything) went forward on K17.

The first of three X1s I saw within 10 minutes today : 37569 on K16 seen near Faulkner's Tunnel running 29 late this afternoon.
37574 with 'Squares' ad was on time with Y13 13.05 from Peterborough approaching Walpole Highway

37562 heads for Peterborough with very few passengers on K17 before it retired for an early bath

A visit to King's Lynn at 19.15 saw 37578 arriving 'not in service' at Hardwick on L9, while Y7 which was due in an hour earlier didn't seem to have arrived. Certainly something odd was happening as later 20127 turned up instead of a B9 on one of the terminating X1s, possibly K19 which should have been 37579.


Friday 30th April 2010 ~ Caravan Cavalcade

Making a pleasing sight this morning was 20127 on K2, seen passing Bruce's observatory.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for sometime will no doubt be aware of that vexing phenomenon known as 'The Friday Before a Bank Holiday Weekend' !

For the uninitiated, this involves the World and his wife setting out - all apparently at precisely the same time - from their homes in the Midlands and the North and heading for the Norfolk Coast and as a consequence bringing the A47 to a crawl, or should I say more of a crawl than usual ? Many of these people seem obliged to bring along their home on wheels too of course. I guess I should apologise to all the caravan owners amongst you now. The effect of all this extra traffic on FBBHWs usually brings the X1 timetable to its knees and today was no exception.

The Beast leaves Wisbech for Yarmouth this evening. Photo : Rob Brooks
The day began well with K1 (05.40 King's Lynn - Peterborough / 07.00 Peterborough - Lowestoft / 11.55 Lowestoft - Peterborough / 16.35 Peterborough - Great Yarmouth) being allocated 'Beast' 20107. This was followed 30 minutes later by K2 with Barbie 20127, however, this had a sting in the tail as at some point (either at 11.30 or 13.10) it was taken off at Yarmouth and replaced, as we had been forewarned by one of our correspondents, by Gemini 37575.
 Anyone observing arrivals at Peterborough and expecting a stream of X1 branded Geminis would have been surprised at this stage as next up was K3 06.45 from King's Lynn with B7 37158 and following this, K4 with the luxury of Paragon 20501 ! The latter was another turn which changed vehicles and by this evening 37574 had replaced it after a safety service. Well all this couldn't continue of course and commencing with the 09.05 from Peterborough B9s were in charge of departures up until the 13.05.
So let's have a look at how punctuality went out of the window. Westbound departures from Wisbech were unaffected in the morning and seen were Y6 37573 RT, Y7 37576 6 late, L8 37566 RT, Y9 37565 3 late, L10 37568 6 late (naturally), L11 37569 not seen, L12 37570 RT and Y13 37157 4 late.
It was returning from Peterborough that things went pear shaped : Y6 7 late, Y7 8 late, L8 11 late. Y9 20 late, L10 38 late (with 37568 !!), L11 28 late and  L12 37 late. The delays were accentuated by a broken down lorry near Guyhirn. Things then became quite amusing (as long as you were an observer and not a passenger). Next eastbound through Wisbech was K14 with 37564 just 13 late, but hang on, what about Y13 ? Well that was next a whopping 47 late, 37157 having been overtaken by 564. K15 passed by with 37578 at 15.14, 24 late and K16 had 37567 (back in action) 21 late instead of 37156 which had been expected.  K17 which was expected to be 37562 as usual turned up with 37572 13 late.
 Time then to catch up with Rob Brooks who texted from Peterborough at 16.10 to say " 15.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft (K18) is a 'no show'. No sign of the 16.05 yet either and a large crowd gathering". Fortunately K19 did eventually turn up with 37577. Rob, tipped off by me, preferred to wait for the 16.35 with 'The Beast'. This was 6 late at Walpole Highway and 11 late leaving Wisbech due to the Friday afternoon congestion.
 Rob says : "37577 1535/1605?? Peterborough - Lowestoft departed Queensgate at 1630. The Beast K1 1635 Peterborough - Lowestoft departed Queensgate at 1648. Thanks for the gen on this! 37158 seen on the approach to Guyhirn Roundabout at 1728 heading for Peterborough 3mins behind was 37574 also heading for Peterborough! 37575 'The Pest' !! coming onto the Horsefair as I left at 1808 on the 1710 from Peterborough for Lowestoft running 12 late".
On the way home from work I passed K3 with 37158 at Walsoken 31 late and then 37574 on K4 at Walton Highway 10 late.
37577 with a shedload of passengers departs Queensgate without Rob Brooks on K19 !

As for the missing K18, one assumes that the late running of incoming turns left Lynn a driver short and 34108 which should have been on this turn was kept at Lynn awaiting its return departure eastbound at 17.03.

Thursday 29th April 2010 ~ Pyromania & Politics

The conflagrations which are now occurring in Wisbech with increasing regularity claimed another victim overnight with a prominent building on the picturesque North Brink being gutted. The former White Hart Hotel - where I often played pool in my youth - more recently converted into a rather grand chinese restaurant, but which had been empty since August was ablaze around 1am. This morning the aftermath included Nene Quay being closed to traffic yet again and general paralysis in Wisbech. The X1s were for a time diverted via Churchill Road (A1101) and Weasenham Lane again. Bruce kindly offered to keep an eye on proceedings for me, but in the event Nene Quay reopened to traffic at 10.35. This didn't stop Bruce covering the day in its entirety though and producing one of his epics for us :

on behalf of the Monster Raving Loony X1 party!

Now normally I steer well clear of politics because they are all as bad as one another. BUT any candidate that can meet any of the following conditions gets my vote:
(a) another MOT for 20107 at the end of May - rumour has it that it's chassis is poorly
(b) a coat of paint for 20127 - it still seems to go on and on - thank goodness.
(c) working tachos for 34109/10 - cos if anything happens to the above two........

Also it would be nice to see the Blogmeister in the audience of the Prime Ministerial debate tonight, asking such searching questions as: if the Concessionary Free Travel goes, will the White Elephants be replaced by Solos within a fortnight? and does anyone really travel from Peterborough all the way to Yarmouth/Lowestoft on the X1 for a day trip? (other than Jamie V. and Bob Perrin)
Anyway, yet again the Blogmeister is flying blind due to yet another fire near his place of work. But a Fire Engine Blog may not have quite the same appeal - even though he is getting plenty of material for one!
So here goes:
K1 passed the house on time at 08.01 with 20127 - good start, fires or not.
K2 37569 not particularly late at 08.37
K3 37159 5 late at 09.09
K4 37576 5 late at 09.39
K5 37577 36 minutes late at 10.40 and still 18 late at 17.52
Y6 37570 8 late to PB but 32 late at 11.06
Y7 The Beast - on time at 09.04 and only 6 late at 11.10
L8 37565 4 late at 11.38
Y9 37572 on time to PB and only a couple of minutes late returning.
L10 The Beautiful Big Bus - 4 late to PB and 2 late returning.
L11 37564 8 late to PB 14 late returning
L12 37579 6 late to PB and still 6 late returning
Y13 37156 10 late to PB at 12.14
K14 37566 5 late to PB
K15 37578 passed me early so I missed it but spotted by the bus starved one in the Bus Station
K16 37160 8 late at 13.42
K17 Not seen by me as a certain lethargy strikes me every day at 14.04. Rumour has it that it was a bus with wheels, a big pink stripe and a Lancashire accent - and probably late!
K18 The lethargy continued but while typing this, 37157 passed by 10 late at 16.40
K19 Fell asleep
K1 Not 20127 anymore, but now the less appealing 37574 one minute early.

Now Sam says 37568 has reappeared on the X2 - just in time for Friday Standard Time - Hey ho!

Of course  we like to offer equal prominence to other parties and it is therefore only fair that we allow a right of reply. Sam says :
A response from the X2 Independent Party

We all feel that there should be equals amongst men and women - they all use the X2! We are fed up of the imbalance between the X1 and X2. The X1 constantly gets the better vehicles, B7TLs, B10Ms, Leyland Olympians (34921!) and this needs to stop. Our candidates believe that:

(a) 37156/7/8/9/60 and 37562 should be given to the X2 to even out the void. These should be painted and branded for the X2. The X1 can keep the other B9TLs.
(b) 20500/1 and the Royales should be painted also and kept as a reserve fleet
(c) Palatines should be banished to a dark corner where the panels can fall off in peace (a side panel was found laying on the side of the road at Hales)
(d) [Yes I have more points than you!] The remaining B10Ms should be returned to their original liveries and conditions. The sold on ones should be rescued and have the same treatment. These would then be retired and treated like veterans should be!
P.S. Yes we did have 68, will swap it for BBBB?

OK that's enough politics but here are a few other notes on today from me. 37160 made its first appearance on the X1 since 20th with 37158 being kept at Lynn for local work. K17 was indeed 37562, but rather alarmingly it left Wisbech 2 minutes early on the 14.18 to Peterborough. Normal service was resumed later when it was 8 late returning though. K19 was 37573. Sam saw 37568 on the 15.38 Lowestoft to Norwich, the first sighting of it since 20th. 37563/7 were not seen today and one of our Yarmouth correspondents reports 37575 as having a few days holiday there.