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Wednesday 28th April 2010 ~ A Letter From David

Recent blog convert David wrote a long letter today, parts of which I have reproduced here as it makes interesting reading :
"I've only recently discovered the X1 blog which is very interesting. I use the X1 frequently especially between Kings Lynn and Peterborough and as I have a pass (being over 60) it doesn't cost me anything. Weekdays I often travel on the 0845 from Kings Lynn as Kings Lynn and West Norfolk pass holders can use their pass from 0830. This means that we get through Wisbech before the Cambridgeshire pass holders can get on the bus as their pass doesnt start until 0930 (weekdays). Nevertheless some of them try it on and are turned down by the drivers as being 'twirlys' (am I too early - get it!)

I could probably write a book on X1 experiences over the years like the time me and other passengers were left stranded at Peterborough station because the police had closed the dual carriageway leading from the bus station to the rail station as someone was threatening to jump off the multi-storey car park roof - I was not amused having expected to catch the 1910 from the rail station and thinking it was running late to then end up on the 2018 from the bus station instead. Or missing out chunks of route usually to my advantage though this practice seems to have largely been eradicated. My main gripes about the X1 are as follows - why does it try to be a local bus service and an express service at the same time. For instance it meanders through villages between Kings Lynn and Wisbech and trails round Toftwood but yet it runs direct from Norwich to Yarmouth apart from diverting for Acle. Surely there is a case for some extra fast ones which could run from Norwich calling at Dereham,Swaffham, Kings Lynn and Wisbech only? Also diverting through Hockering travelling west from Norwich is downright dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. I've seen drivers waiting five minutes and longer before it was safe to pull out.

I should say my other main use of the X1 is travelling from Swaffham to Norwich. Rather than driving into Kings Lynn I cut across country from where I live and leave my car in the free car park in Theatre Street in Swaffham. Other experiences to recall are when they changed the timetable in April 2009 without telling anybody and the frequent changes of bus stands in Kings Lynn bus station - its now on its third stand in the last year. One more move clockwise and it'll be back where it started!

On Saturday last I caught the 0845 from Kings Lynn and was surprised to find it was a coach (20107). The seats are comfortable but it is really getting a bit clapped out now. You can feel every pothole from Kings Lynn to Peterborough and there are quite a few since the bad weather we had. I returned on the 2018 from Peterborough travelling upstairs to avoid some rowdy passengers. Saturday night travelling is often enlivened by scantily clad female passengers at Wisbech heading for the fleshpots of Kings Lynn their male escorts sometimes sporting fancy dress costumes. I'll try and record any unusual workings and happenings and forward them to you".
Thanks for that David, actually Jamie R frequently complains about rowdy behaviour on the Friday and Saturday evening X1s and avoids using the service then where possible. The costs of running late night services are high of course, but I'm told that some companies employ additional staff to elminate any annoyances at this time of night. This doubles up as extra security for the driver as well as sharing the responsibility for monitoring incidents which can only be a good thing.

Back to today now though and the aforementioned Beasty (20107) was working K1 today with its big brother, 34108 being used on K14. The availability of the Lowestoft B9 Geminis seeems very suspect at the moment and of 37564/7/8 plus King's Lynn's 37575 which were all believed to have been at Lowestoft this morning, none were deemed fit to work L11 which was entrusted to old soldier 20127.
L8 began the day with 37576, but this was taken off at Lynn at midday in favour of freshly serviced 37572. This wasn't the end of the working day for 576 though as it replaced B7 37159 on K3 for the 16.15 to Peterborough. Noisy 37570 has now been silenced and it worked K4 today.
There was another blitz by the advertising people overnight and further buses have appeared with new posters for the Robin Hood film and 'Squares', as well as a new campaign using two versions for Easy Jet on the nearside.


Tuesday 27th April 2010 ~ Highway Horror

Today began normally enough, but the peace was shattered at around 09.15 when a car entered the 30mph zone at Walpole Highway way in excess of the speed limit. The driver seemingly lost control and after damaging a lamp post and litter bin then demolished several wheely bins and travelled through three gardens during which it rolled over at least twice before coming to rest opposite the eastbound bus shelter in this normally quiet backwater. For a while X1s were diverted round the south side of the village down School Road and back up Hall Road. L8 with 37569 avoided the area altogether while the air ambulance was in attendance. Thanks to Bruce for 'on the spot' reports and to Rob H for his help too.
The road was soon reopened despite the trail of devastation and delays to individual X1s amounted to no more than 10 minutes. 37156 on Y9 was 9 late from Wisbech (due 10.18) and just 7 late coming back, however, it was removed at Lynn and went on to 42s & 43s (thanks to Andy for the gen). Y9 meanwhile went forward with Paragon 20501. 37564 on K14 was swapped at Lowestoft for 37566 and also at the eastern end, Sam reports 20127 on the 09.38 X2 from Norwich.
20107 was on L10 today as 37567/8 were still unavailable while Royale 34108 was bang on time on Y13.
This afternoon, 37573 on K16 was 11 late arriving at Wisbech for the 15.26 to Lowestoft and 37562 performed a miracle being 8 late heading west and just 2 late returning on K17 - me thinks may be the rail station was skipped ?

Monday 26th April 2010 ~ X1 Fans

Attempts were made to silence the fan on Gemini 37570 today and after extensive consultations with Volvo engineers, a satisfactory outcome was still not certain this evening.
570 was not the only B9 absentee today, 37568 ( possibly having an MOT) was once again missing having last worked on Tuesday and 37567 & 37569 failed to appear today also. As if this wasn't enough, 37566 on K14 had problems en route and this turn was seen on time departing Wisbech for Peterborough at 12.48 with coach 20127. The two regular Gemini substitutes were also out with 20107 on K16 and 34108 on K18. Punctuality was pretty good today and 37563 on the 09.35 from Peterborough was marginally early arriving at Wisbech. B7 37157 on L10 was almost 10 late westbound and in the afternoon 37573 on K15 was likewise on the 14.56 to Lowestoft. Worst offender was (embarassingly) The Beast on K16 which contrived to be 16 late on the 14.35 from Peterborough.


Sunday 25th April 2010 ~ Clarification

Des has kindly supplied me with the correct details of the Sunday diagrams at present. The first turn from King's Lynn which I had erroneously thought arrived at Lowestoft and went light to Yarmouth in fact lays over to form the 10.48 departure westbound. The 09.48 westbound is a fresh vehicle off Lowestoft depot. After this vehicles are scheduled to layover for an hour before departing, i.e. the 10.30 arrival does the 11.48 to Peterborough and 11.30 arrival, the 12.48 etc. This method continues until the 14.30 arrival which then goes light to Yarmouth. After this the normal arrangement applies with the 15.30 arrival doing the 15.48 departure.
As I expected though, this doesn't always work and today 37565 on the 10.10 from Peterborough which arrives Lowestoft at 14.30 and is then booked to go empty to Yarmouth in fact layed over for an hour and worked the 15.48 back to Peterborough. The 11.10 from Peterborough was the vehicle which today went empty to Yarmouth.
Paragon 20501 was used on a private hire job from King's Lynn early today.
Running slightly late this afternoon was 37572 on the 13.48 from Lowestoft seen near Terrington with new Easy Jet advert
The X1 relief show pictured at King's Lynn garage tonight.

Saturday 24th April 2010 ~ 'Robin Hood' Rides Again

37570 was making a lot of noise when photographed departing Walpole Highway on the 10.36 to Lowestoft today. It was removed from Y6 this evening.
Below : 37566 leaves Walton Highway on L8 10.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft today

34108 was being driven by the guy who was on 37570 earlier ! Here the 13.05 from Peterborough heads east.
The X1 emergency vehicles were again in action today : 34108 on Y13 and 20107 on Y7. 37562 had a day off for a service and its place on K17 was taken by 37572. Y10 (diagram 10 which in the week is L10 but which starts at Yarmouth on Saturdays) was not seen this morning and should have been 37569, however, this evening Lowestoft had provided 37565 instead.
37570 continued its impersonation of an aircraft today, but was finally removed from Y6 at 20.30 with B7 37156 which had just arrived at Lynn on L11 being provided as replacement on the 20.35 to Lowestoft. The noise problem on 37570 is believed to be a problem with its hydraulic fan.
Yet another advertising campaign began tonight with hoardings for the new 'Robin Hood' film being affixed to some vehicles. 37158/9 have new ads for 'Squares' and two new designs of Easyjet ads are in the process of adorning most of the fleet.
There are two versions of the current AXA insurance advert shown here on 37576 (above) and 37572 (below)


Friday 23rd April 2010 ~ Missing Buses and Where Are My Sunglasses ?

37576 near Walpole heading east on K2 this morning. My camera failed to capture the destination screen working - a common problem with digicams. The car just visible on the right is on the A47 bypass.
Y13 has always had a rather poor reputation for late running on Friday lunchtimes, particularly in the Summer. Today though it failed to run at all as the 11.45 King's Lynn - Peterborough and 13.05 return. L12 was 10 late from Wisbech with 37158 and K14 was only a minute down 37566 being complete with a healthy loading due to the missing Y13. This evening Y13 ran as normal with 37567 as booked, so possibly a driver shortage was the reason for its earlier cancellation. Weight was added to this theory this evening when the 19.50 Lynn - Peterborough & 21.10 return were also cancelled with 37563 retiring to Vancouver Avenue instead.
Elsewhere things ran pretty well until a  flood of eastbound sun seekers deluged the A47 at teatime. Returning services from Peterborough were 37562 (K17) 11 late, 34108 (K18) 10 late outward but 26 late returning, K19 with 37572 on time outward and 24 late coming back on the 16.05 ex Peterborough. Things then eased and 20107 on K1 was only a few minutes late returning east.
The state of the chassis on 20107 is a major cause for concern and the likelihood of it receiving another MOT in June is receding by the day, so get your pictures and journeys on it while you can.
37575's visit to Volvo was very quick and it was back this evening and also repaired was 37573 which had a minor problem with its oil pressure switch.
Paragon 20501 was back on the road today and provided a touch of class to patrons of K3.

This is 34108 on K18 this afternoon pictured from X1 blog HQ. Note the battered state of the roof and the outdated advert for December's St. Trinians release

Thursday April 22nd 2010 ~ Mistaken Identity ?

This morning all signs pointed to a driver taking the wrong bus, when K2 which ends at Lowestoft appeared with Lynn allocated 37158 and K3 which is a Lynn internal diagram had 37157. Whatever was intended, K2 stuck with 37158 - which now has most of its fleet number missing from the front and could possibly be how the error occurred - and 37157 being nicked at Lowestoft whence it worked the 17.08 X2, thanks to Sam for the gen. 20107 then turned up at Wisbech on K3, running 16 late apparently because of an accident at the Pullover Roundabout.
During the day, most services ran on average 5 minutes behind time. Royale 34108 worked L12 today as 37563 was stopped for maintenance and at Lynn 37575 was hastily despatched to Volvo with a fuel fault. Another fault on 37573 saw this changed tonight and 37577 off Y7 worked the 21.35 to Lowestoft.
20501 passed its MOT at King's Lynn today, but a month ago was spotted in Central  London heading up Park Lane towards Marble Arch by Simon Hussey, to whom thanks for allowing us to use the pic above.  Have a look at Simon's other photographs at :


Wednesday 21st April 2010 ~ Elephants Galore

For the first time on a working day in over a month, a completely low floor service was in operation today. This was achieved by utilising all the Gemini fleet with the exception of 37568, 37158 & 37160. Punctuality was once again good. 37565 & 37579 returned to X1 use in the place of 34108 and 37568. Err.... that's it really !
One nugget I neglected to mention in yesterday's blog came from John W who says "Hi Gerard - Not of direct interest for X1 (I trust), but a long time no see Premiere on Lynn Bus Station this morning was trainer 20128 - looking especially scruffy ! As you would expect, the 3 from Hunst'on were 20109/18/21 with 20121 doing the X40 stint".

Tuesday 20th April 2010 ~ Illuminating

Two new bus stop shelters have been installed either side of the Walton Road traffic lights east of Wisbech, replacing those demolished last week which Peter informs me were secondhand when installed. The new black shelters have night lighting and are labelled 'LYNN ROAD' which whilst being true, also apllies to most of the bus stops between Wisbech and Lynn ! May be Walton Road would have been more appropriate ?
Scania 65552 was returned to Vulcan Road this morning with 34108 coming back. This then replaced 37574 on K14 at midday and later 574 itself in turn replaced 37577 on K4 at 16.40.
37570 continues to betray its presence long before it comes into view at my window. Today it was K16. Andy adds "Hi Gerard, interesting you should say about 37570 it certainly has developed a rather loud roar! There is a video of it (posted by JamieVendy) on my photo page" -
 Timekeeping was good today with all delays being under 10 minutes.
With four B7s in use today, 37565/579 were spare at Lowestoft. Paragon 20501 is back at King's Lynn for MOT this week.


Monday April 19th 2010 ~ Royale Rumpus

Well today was strange in more ways than one ! The 10.18 Wisbech - Peterborough (06.45 from Gorleston), Y9, left Wisbech on time with 37572 and ran down Nene Quay as booked, however, it then took a very tight right turn over the old town bridge !! I had thought it would then travel via Wisbech St. Mary, but Rob H enlarges on this : "I'm reliably advised that the 10.18 bus to Peterborough left the Horsefair as usual, went along Nene Quay, then turned right over the Town Bridge, via Old Market, North Street and Freedom Bridge and left Wisbech via the Churchill Road and Weasenham Lane route. No idea as to why! ". Investigations are underway to find out why this strange tour of Wisbech was taken. The service was pretty full when I saw it so there should be plenty of perplexed passengers.
Later on Royale 34108 which was on L12 had problems in Norwich. Scania 65552 deputised to King's Lynn where B7 37157 which had arrived at Lynn on L11 went forward to Peterborough.
After the weekend, an imbalance of correctly allocated B9 s at Lynn saw Lowestoft's 37563/4/6/7/8/9 all available. These were sent out on Lowestoft based duties with the exception of 37568 which extremely unusually did Lynn internal job K3 and 37566 which was spare, but replaced 37577 on L8. L8 changed power again at Lowestoft when 577 was replaced by 578 !
The 'Beast' 20107 worked Lowestoft terminator K2 today. Rob Brooks contacted me late on with some gen :
"K4 37563 0926 Wisbech - Lowestoft d0930
L8 37577 0946 Wisbech - Peterborough a0941
K5 37576 0956 Wisbech - Peterborough at Tesco's 0953
Y6 37573 0935 Peterborough - Lowestoft
L8 37578 2010 Peterborough - Lowestoft
L10 37159 2110 Peterborough - Kings Lynn

Does this 2110 to Lynn still do a working to Hunstanton afterwards?" . Well yes Rob, I think it does, but not on Saturdays.
B9 37570 has suddenly become the first of its type with character. The last few days it has developed a loud roar when accelerating. Today I heard it well in advance of appearing past my window and it reminded me of 20107 in its loud days.


Sunday 18th April 2010 ~ Almost As Advertised

An all B9 Gemini service today, but not without incident. 37564 was in trouble at some stage and was replaced at Lynn with 37577. 37572 did the first Lynn to Lowestoft service which is supposed to go light to Yarmouth, but it ended up replacing 37573 on a late running incoming X1. 37563 was a minute or so late through Walpole Highway on the 11.08 to Peterborough, but was later seen departing Wisbech 20 late on the 13.00 to Lowestoft. Heavy traffic due to the good weather is believed to be the reason for this delay.

20107 spent the day having a well earned rest in Vancouver Avenue garage today, but this evening at last had its Bingo advertising vinyl removed from the drivers side. The ad-men are on the trail of 37575/8 which still retain the 'Nine' advert - a movie shown as 'in cinemas December' ! More recent advertising campaigns currently to be seen are one for Milk featuring Pixie Lotts and two versions of rear ads for  AXA Car Insurance.

Saturday 17th April 2010 ~ Easy Jet ?

I am told that yet another advertising campaign for 'Easy Jet' is due to start next weekend. A bit ironic considering the Icelandic volcano effect. Several Geminis still have the last Easy Jet ad in situ, but today several B9s appeared with a new ad for the movie 'Iron Man 2'. 37563 still has the Nanny McPhee advert and was out today on K4. B9s absent today were 37565, 37578 & 37579.
Royale 34108 was an unexpected sight on L9, but it had a fault and was taken off at Lynn before later replacing 37575 on K14 in order to return it to Lowestoft. 20107 was in charge of Y13. Later this evening 37156 was removed from Y6 with 575 working forward. Other swaps today involved 37159, 37566 & 37577.
Paragon 20501 returned to King's Lynn for maintenance today.
Adam Dowling has kindly sent some fine pictures of today's X1 services at King's Lynn :
37573 at King's Lynn before departure on the 14.45 to Peterborough (K19). T Mobile advert.
37570 with 'Miss Sixty' advert still in situ pictured at Lynn before departing on K2, the 15.45 to Peterborough this afternoon
37562 with 'Sky HD' Pacific advert on its usual turn, K17 photographed by Adam.
A rather solemn looking Richard removes 34108 from King's Lynn bus station after arrival on L9 from Peterborough. 37566 replaced it.
'The Beast' on the 14.32 to Lowestoft (Y13) seen at King's Lynn this afternoon
The 'Iron Man 2' advert on Royale 34108 which after attention replaced 37575 on K14 15.02 to Lowestoft. (Adam Dowling)

Friday 16th April 2010 ~ Photoshoot Day

I've been unable to ascertain whether 37570 attended its allocated photoshoot today - more news when I receive it, but suffice to say that 570 was absent from the X1 today. Probably most notable aspect of today was the return to service of 37563 after warranty repairs at Volvo (info thanks to one of our regulars !).
563 started on Y9 today having presumably been sent to Yarmouth, but it later dropped down to L10. Last night Yarmouth had 37565, 37573/5/7 on X1 arrivals. Today 565 was absent and dear old 20127 appeared instead on Y13 while 37563 replaced 577. Later Y13 was seen with 577 back in service replacing 20127. With me so far ?
37564 on L10 seems to have done one of the infamous X1 overtaking moves somewhere, as it looks to have completed Y9.
37579 had a catagory 'B' service this morning before working K5. Tonight it replaced 37573 on Y6 20.35 Lynn - Lowestoft.
There were actually three B10Ms out today. 'The Beast' worked K1 and was seen this afternoon running 8 late on K1. 20118 - the fave of the moment worked K3, a fraction early into Wisbech for the 08.56 to Lowestoft and a mere 3 late heading to Peterborough this afternoon and as reported above, the first leg of Y13 was 20127.
Return X1s from Peterborough into Wisbech this afternoon were seen as follows ; 37575 on K15 13 late, K16 37160 13 late and K17 37562 25 late.

37563 photographed by Jamie Vendy tonight on L12 at Peterborough railway station.


Thursday 15th April 2010 ~ The Big Debate

I'm sure you will have heard about the big televised election debate this evening. It would seem that none of the main party leaders have ever had the necessity to travel from west to east into Norfolk, the preferred access being via train or the A11 to Norwich as they always come from London.
There has been a long running lobby of support for dualling the remaining gap on the A11 at Elveden and although the present incumbents in Downing Street finally seemed to have succumbed to pressure with the election looming, it has now been announced that the final go ahead has been deferred until after the forthcoming General Election. What a fickle lot our politicians are ? This brings me to the A47 question on which most stretches are still single carriageway and where a proliferation of tractors (punctuated by the inevitable Tesco juggernauts) frequently cause long tailbacks. What chance is there in our lifetimes of seeing this road dualled ? I think we know the answer !
One cannot really blame 'First' for stifling opportunities to speed up the X1 and make it a proper express service while this state of affairs persists. The number of 'through' passengers travelling the route throughout must be miniscule, or possibly non-existant. Anyone finding themselves in Peterborough and needing to get to Lowestoft would surely take the train ? The 08.46 train with (admittedly) a change at Norwich gets you there at 11.33. The 08.35 X1 direct is into Lowestoft at 13.10. No contest.
Today saw further roadworks between Wisbech and Guyhirn to repair the multitude of potholes. Y6 with 37566 was spotted coming into Wisbech on its normal route, just 7 late at 10.27, but Y7 travelled via Wisbech St. Mary and passed Bruce 12 late with 37574. The delays were at their height around lunchtime. 37579 on Y9 was dead on time going west and 27 late returning, despite taking the alternative route. Services from Lowestoft continued to depart Wisbech to time though and 20107 on L12 was actually a minute early departing at 11.47 to Peterborough. Coming back, the nadir was reached by 37156 on L11 which was 32 late passing Bruce, with 'the Beast' in hot pursuit just 10 down. Somewhere beyond this, 107 overtook the B7 and later found itself on L11 with 37156 taking up L12.
20118 continued its new lease of life today and was K3. 37570 was sidelined at Lynn with a recurrence of its old ABS fault - will this prevent it from attending tomorrow's proposed photoshoot I wonder ? Michael Bryant saw 37564 enjoying a day off at Gasworks Road, while B7s 37158/9 remained on King's Lynn locals helping to offset the absence of 30900/1/2 which are all currently off the road.

Wednesday April 14th 2010 ~ I Don't Belieeeeeve It !

Yes, just when I thought the X1 had returned to normality after months of disruption around Wisbech, today proved how wrong I was. Having travelled west of Wisbech a few times lately on the A47, myself and fellow motorists have been involved in complicated chicanes to avoid the abundance of potholes which have appeared following the harsh weather in the past 18 months.
Today, the job of repairing the A47 road surface began with resultant disruption to the X1. The day began pretty normally though. K3 with 37160 for the third day in succession was 7 late into Wisbech to work the 08.56 to Lowestoft. Next eastbound was K4, somewhat surprisingly with 20118 as this turn finishes at Great Yarmouth. 118 was a mere 60 seconds behind time. K5 had 37572, 11 late into Wisbech. Going west L8 was marginally early with 37579, Y9 had 37565 2 minutes late and 37570 was on L10, again fractionally ahead of schedule. L11 had 37567 running 4 late but services after this were diverted via Wisbech St. Mary to avoid the A47 congestion. This had bitten earlier on eastbound services. Y6 with 37577 was not seen, but Y7 with 37576 which had been one minute late going to Peterborough reappeared 27 late on its return. After this the alternative route was taken by 37579 on L8 which was glimpsed in the Old Market at 11.30, just 10 late.
37565 on Y9 returned via the booked route and was 35 late because of this. Things improved punctuality wise after this and 37567 on L11 was 18 late eastbound, L12 with 37568 was seen by Bruce 9 late and 37157 on Y13 was just 6 late from Wisbech on the 13.56 to Lowestoft.
By mid afternoon, services had reverted to their normal route and K2 and K18 due past me at 16.20 were seen passing at 16.24 with 37564 and 37569 respectively. Michael Bryant saw 'The Beast' sitting on standby in Lowestoft bus station today and 34108 was working on the X2. 20118 was removed from K4 at 10.00 with a freshly serviced 37574 working forward, but this wasn't the end of 118s X1 experience as L10 with 37570 was in trouble at 12.30 and 118 was procured to work forward. It completed the diagram which finishes as the 22.05 Peterborough - King's Lynn.
During my absence over the weekend, the bus stops either side of the Walton Road junction at Walsoken have seen thier seats and shelters (which are only about 18 months old) completely demolished and only the concrete bases show where the shelters had stood.


Tuesday April 13th 2010 ~ A Window of Opportunity Returns

Back to work for me today and at last a day with an uninterrupted X1 service passing by. The B198 has reopened following the recent fire on Nene Quay.
All nineteen X1 diagrams were viewed at some point and timekeeping was generally good with almost all services running to within 5 minutes of their booked times through Wisbech.
Westbound services delayed were Y13 12.18 to Peterborough with 37156, 6 late and later K1 15.48 westbound with 37577 was 17 late. Eastbound, worst performers were 37568 9 late on K14 and 37573 15 late on K19. Both these had been on time going west. In contrast 37565 on L8 was a minute early into Wisbech to work the 11.26 to Lowestoft.
37572 on L11 was changed at Lynn for 37564 which then worked the 10.45 to Peterborough to enable a service to be carried out on 572.
B10M 20118 proved its worth by operating K5 and this was followed by 20107 on Y6. 37570 with its allover rear advert is pre-assigned for a photo-shoot on Friday !

X1 Summary Friday April 9th - Monday April 12th

Because I was away this weekend, the blog for the above dates consists of a summary.

Friday 9th
37160 on the long distance turn, Y6, photographed at Peterborough rail station this morning by Peter who was off on one of his beer trips.
A few gaps today, but the undoubted highlight was 20118 in use on K4. 37578 replaced it at some point and later 118 had in turn replaced 37562 on K5. Both swaps were due to maintenance schedules.20107 continued its exploits on K2 and 34108 was also out, working K16. 37157 and 37569 were kept at Lowestoft for maintenance.Y6 had the delights of 37160, which probably needed refuelling this evening if recent events are anything to go by. Jamie V reported 20127 arriving at Lowestoft at teatime with X1 Not in Service on the blinds, however, a passenger alighted.

Saturday 10th
37562 was back on K17 today, but 20107 was a surprise on L9 because 37567 was unavailable. L12, the single Lowestoft - Peterborough and return trip turn is thought to have been worked by 37157. 37160 returned home on L11. Paragons 20500/1 are reported at Norwich Vulcan Road today.

Sunday 11th
Not a great deal of note today, but B7 37156 was out. All other turns are believed to have been B9 Geminis.

Monday 12th
B10M 20118 had a major 'E' service today and some of its rust patches appear to have been painted up. Sister schools vehicle 20121 had a stint on the X40 Hunstanton route as there is a shortage of double deckers locally. 37158/9 were also on local King's Lynn work today. The Beast escaped fron Lynn on K1 meaning it should end up at Yarmouth tonight.
Still no sign of 37563 and at Lowestoft 34108 returned to local work.

Thursday 8th April 2010 ~ Heading West

I headed off to Herefordshire this afternoon. Bruce, John W, Andy and Peter sent in reports for us. Bruce says "Well the Blogmeister is away at his convention for a few days. I'm not sure what convention - I can only assume he is trying to make a name as a standup comedian by reading extracts from the X1 blog at the event !  Anyway I discussed things with my Unite rep and found that writing a blog would not affect my redundancy pay (as Gerard now has his own observatory) or my travel concessions so here goes:-

K1 37565 15 late at 17.49
K2 37572
K3 20118 (all day)
K4 37575
K5 37159
Y6 37578
Y7 37574
L8 37564
Y9 37156
L10 The Beast 14 late at 12.48
L11 37570
L12 The BBBB 10 late at 13.44
Y13 37567
K14 37566
K15 37579
K16 37157
K17 The Mancunian 18 late to PB
K18 37158
K19 37577 22 late at 17.26
John W adds "37575 replaced '576 Lowestoft bound at Lynn. This was at around 10.10 so I expect it was the 10.02 departure (K4) running late. Next through was 37159, and on time." This makes sense as 576 had just been serviced and 575 was due for the same. 37563/8/9 all absent today.

Rob Brooks photographed 37575 - the pesky one as he calls it because of the frequency with which he seems to travel on it,  alongside some Stagecoach opposition at Peterborough Queensgate on Wednesday afternoon.

Andy was about today to capture the departure of 'The Beast' with a very familiar driver on L10 13.02 Lynn to Lowestoft, while 37157 awaits departure on the 13.15 to Peterborough.


Next Post......

Will be on Monday 12th. Any sightings / pictures to the usual address please. Thanks for all your contributions. Gerard

Wednesday 7th April 2010 ~ Gemini Absences

The register of Geminis was incomplete today. Absentees were 37563 - last reported on March 22nd, 37569 which was last seen lurking on Lowestoft depot on Good Friday and 37573 on MOT at King's Lynn. An unexpected sight at King's Lynn tonight was 37562 which had begun its day on K17 as usual, but which had obviously been removed for some reason. It is not clear what had worked forward but a candidate would seem to be 20123 which is now back on the road. Sister vehicle 20118 continued its frontline renaissance on K3 and Bruce's Big Beautiful Bus (34108) was having a long day on Y6.
Y13 had 37157 today and this turn is a regular B7 diagram, however, this evening it was 7 late from Lynn on the 21.50 to Peterborough and then lost further time as refuelling was required at Vancouver Avenue. the driver then made a commendable effort to make up time and was 10 late at Walpole Highway.


Tuesday April 6th 2010 ~ Holiday Highway

20118 having a holiday today
20127 back on country work, Jamie photographed it at Bradwell
What's this ? a B10M wrapped up in a very large quilt ? No its dear old 20103 dumped at Gasworks Road
20107 is an X1 regular, but less so on the X2. Photographed in Lowestoft today.
Many thanks to Jamie Vendy for all today's photos.
With it being school holidays, Lynn's allocation of B10Ms are free for X1 emergency use. What was unexpected was the use of 20118 on K5 all day though. The reason for this is that 37573 is stopped for MOT this week. 37158/60 were available, but were used on local work in preference. 20107 went east early on K1 but on arrival at Lowestoft was diverted onto the X2 with 34108 taking over K1, its first working on the X1 since 15th March.
Bruce reports K15 running 20 late westbound and 30 late returning with 37578 at lunchtime with 37572 on K16 running just four minutes behind it.

More Easter Musings ~ Sunday/Monday 4 & 5 April 2010

Saturday's vehicle dispersion resulted in Yarmouth receiving 37156/7 & 20107/27 overnight. Three of these are then booked to work on Sunday and 20127 ended up remaining at Yarmouth with the other three working. B10Ms are rare on Sundays now and 20107 made a welcome change. It ended up at Lynn where it rested on Easter Monday.
Sunday saw another unusual event, or rather non-event in that none of Lowestoft's B9 allocation were in service. Easter Monday saw 37565/7 back in service and 37159 was also used on a turn ending
at Yarmouth.

Pictured are 37575 on Sunday's 10.48 Lowestoft - Peterborough, still with the Philip Morris ad and 37579 on Easter Monday's 13.10 from Peterborough carrying the latest version of the T Mobile ad.


Saturday April 3rd 2010 ~ A Barbie Easter

As expected 20127 was in use today and it worked K4. It caught me ny surprise at Walpole, hence the photo taken through my car window complete with rain splashes at 09.35 dead on time. Grahame was more organised though and took a nice shot of it at Norwich at around Midday. (see pictures). What was less expected was the appearance of 20107 on L12, the out and back turn from Lowestoft which is then booked to go light to Yarmouth for Sunday X1 use. It is seen leaving Walton Highway eastbound in the picture.

37158 on L11 was removed at King's Lynn at 10.40 and 37576 took its place. Whether this was late leaving for Peterborough is not known, but it was certainly delayed at some point as Peter saw it on the A47 bypass at Tilney heading east at around 13.15 (in fact only about 10 minutes late). as a result 20107 on L12 had a heavy loading and was itself around 10 late. Geminis 37563/4/9 were all absent today.
37566 on K16 passing Walpole during an overcast spell at lunchtime.

Good Friday April 2nd 2010

The first of the three days over Easter with an hourly Sunday timetable. Delays were heavy today, with two services being seen 24 & 20 late respectively. A car fire at Guyhirn this morning closed the A47 for a time and may have added to the problems.
37576 departs from Terrington St. John 20 minutes late as the 14.05 to Peterborough this afternoon.
37562 was picked by one of the Lynn drivers and ended up at Yarmouth tonight which was not in the script. 37578 went out on the first eastbound turn from Lynn and was changed as booked at Lowestoft, but instead of a B9 being used, 37567/9 were present, B7 37156 was used instead. 20127 remained in King's Lynn garage spare along with 37575/7/9.


Thursday April 1st 2010 ~ For 564, read 127 !

The unreliability of 37564 reared its head again today with 20127 appearing on Y13 in its place. Bruce saw it on Y13 and the next service to Peterborough was K14 with 20107. All the B7s were in use on the X1 save 37159. Timekeeping was pretty poor today, particularly from Peterborough, however, the bus station was closed for a time this morning after a sudden daeth I am told.
37566 was spare at Lowestoft today and 37579 received a service at King's Lynn. Still no sign of 37563. Bruce says L12 with 37578 did not pass through the villages this morning and it is debatable as to whether it used the bypass or failed to work west of Lynn.

Wednesday March 31st 2010 ~ Mileage Mystery

37568 returned to X1 duties today, 37159 was sent out first thing on K16 but by the time the 16.02 to Lowestoft departed, 37568 had taken over. The discrepancies between the B9s odometer readings and those on the wheel hubs are becoming larger. According to its driving cab speedo, 568 has run 160,921 miles, yet its wheel hub device reads 156,050. Almost a 5,000 mile difference.
Various people helped out with sightings today including, Cheryl, Rob B and Bruce. Lowestoft sent out 20107 on L10, this time instead of 37575.