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Monday 4th December 2017 ~ Changes Ahead

It was announced to staff today that with effect from 4th February, a new X1 timetable will be in operation based on customer and staff feedback.  The main change will be that certain vehicles will overnight in Norwich rather than King's Lynn to eradicate some of the 'lost mileage' caused by vehicles running empty from King's Lynn in the mornings to take up their diagrams at Swaffham and Dereham. It will also improve the service at the Norwich end. More details as I receive them.

The run up to Christmas is always a hectic time and with a spate of rtas in recent weeks, diversions and delays have been commonplace. Strangely, the last week has seen a slight improvement in punctuality, but even this evening I passed two Enviros within five minutes of each other working delayed services from Peterborough.

Victor Meldrew was in touch today and he was most unhappy. Apparently because it was a fine day he decided to take a photograph of his X1 when he alighted at Peterborough this morning, only to be hooted at by a disapproving driver. "He obviously marked the box with an x for 'no publicity' when he got the job" says Victor, "the thing that annoyed me most was that I actually found someone who was even more miserable than me !". Well that's hard to imagine I must say.
Victor continues " I think what really surprised me about this behaviour was that the  X1 drivers I see regularly are so polite and pleasant".

I ventured out with the camera today too for the first time for a while and here's my effort, 33811 running a few minutes behind time on today's 11.05 Peterborough - Norwich.

Hopefully the opportunity may present itself this Winter to get a few shots in the snow, something which has been a rarity while the Enviros have been in service.
Thanks to all of you who continue to send in reports and messages saying how much you enjoy the blog. I wish I updated it more often but that said things generally run pretty smoothly from day to day unless traffic conditions dictate otherwise.