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Wednesday July 30th 2008 ~ The Late Show

Last bulletin for a while. Several gaps in my sightings for Wednesday but did see that K4 07.29 Lynn - Peterborough began with a Scania and ended up with 20502 2o late tonight. Meanwhile Y14 was noted passing Wisbech eastbound at 13.39 with 65532 which had obviously replaced the coach incoming from Yarmouth.


Tuesday July 29th 2008 ~ Swap Shop

The continuing use of B10s 20106 and 20112 in the rail replacement fleet on mainstream X1 work continues, They both came into Lynn last night on Y21 and K3 (not sure in what order !) and today 106 did K16 06.07 Lynn - Lowestoft etc, while 112 did K6 07.59 to Peterborough but was one of several swaps when it arrived at Lowestoft, it being replaced by 20105. K19 (the X2 turn) started out with 20124, but in the middle part of the day it was 20142 and then finally 20109 was sent back to Lynn. In fact three Lynn B10s were out on the X2 today, 20105/109/142. J11 had 20123 swapped at Lowestoft at 15.55 for 20126. Something odd happened with Y8 and Y9 (the 06.02 & 06.32 ex Yarmouth) as they started out with 20104 & 20119, but by the evening the had exchanged diagrams. I suspect 20104 became so late that somewhere it was overtaken by 20119. Confused yet ?
My prediction of a full coach timetable today failed to occur. 20504 was at last back in service on K2 06.59 Lynn - Peterborough etc , but 20506 was unavailable at 07.29 and K4 had Scania 65532 all day again. John W noted 20506 out on Hunstantons later in the morning and I think it had been to Ford & Slaters with a tacho problem and then had its air con system looked at. 20500/04/08 all have dodgy air con at the moment. Lateness prize of the day went to 20502 on K15 the 08.55 ex Lowestoft which left Wisbech 28 late at lunchtime.

Monday July 28th 2008 ~ A Thorney Moment

Confirmation comes today from Carol that 20507 was indeed out yesterday on the 15.18 ex Peterborough.

Peter was in touch this morning to say that the first westbound service from Lynn (K5) had expired at Thorney roundabout with 20123. The problem can't have been that great however, as it was seen entering Wisbech at 17.01 on the same turn, but running 28 late. Just one minute behind it was 20505 on K7 running marginally early. Peter also said that 20503's failure on Friday occurred on the Parkway just outside Peterborough. By this evening it had moved to Vancouver Avenue for inspection. 20504 returned from Norwich today with a new gearbox which should prevent a repeat performance of today when Scania 65532 did K4, the 07.29 Lynn - Peterborough etc.

20506 started the day on a Paragon turn : K3 the 06.54 Wisbech - Lowestoft, but then replaced 20107 on the X2 diagram (K19), fortunately Sam got a photo of it on this turn (above) and I hope will forgive me for using it here. As yet not sure what replaced 20506 on K3.

20103 was out on the X1 today for the first time since 15th on Y14.


Sunday 27th July 2008 - Paragon Puzzles

A postscript to Saturday now to report that diagram K16 was swapped at Lowestoft with 20124 being changed for 20126 which was a good 20 late on the 13.48 ex Peterborough. After this though timekeeping became perfect with in some cases early running such as the 17.18 ex Peterborough which was 6 early at Terrington with 20509.
Today, Sunday, I saw little as I was in Coventry for much of the day. Strangest thing was that the two late Saturday coaches (turns K2 and K17) which normally reside at Rowan Road all day before fuelling on Sunday evening were both out in service. 20509 did the 07.59 Lynn - Peterborough but was swapped at some point as it was in Vancouver Avenue this evening. The other was 20507 which was also out in service. 20119 and demic 20503 were the only coaches at Rowan Road tonight with 20104/05/07 and 20506/09 at Vancouver Avenue.


Saturday 26th July : Lunchtime Blog

I'm writing this at lunchtime, so goodness knows what will ensue later on. Yesterday's heat was intense and 20503 was unable to return from Peterborough under its own power. It had to be towed in after its hydraulic fan disintegrated and damaged the radiator. It is currently at Rowan Road and I am told it will probably be off the road for about a week.
This morning 20119 had to pop into Vancouver Avenue garage with a full compliment of passengers at midday, but was able to continue as J10 the 12.12 to Lowestoft. Lateness caused by traffic congestion varied, the 11.29 to Peterborough with 20508 (Y14) was 24 late leaving, while the following 11.59 with 20502 (K15) was only 9 late.


Friday 25th July 2008 - Boiling Point !

20504 had its exam completed yesterday and was then taken to Norwich for a new gearbox. 20111 returned east last night on the 21.42 to Lowestoft (K20) replacing 20118.
Today was the hottest day of the year thus far and the temperature in Wisbech at lunchtime was 30'c. By this evening it had cooled to a humid 24'c and after 19.00 there were a few light showers. Not surprisingly there were two breakdowns to report. 20503 failed on K6 at Peterborough for the 18.18 to Lowestoft with loss of coolant and Richard had to go and repair it. The 18.18 started at Lynn at 19.42 with 20109 which had come in on L12, the 19.24 arrival from Lowestoft. No sooner had this left than 20142 came in on L13 overheating and 20505 off K4, the 19.07 arrival from Peterborough took over for the 19.59 westbound. 20142 was taken to Vancouver Avenue where its radiator was hosed down.
Michael reported 20103 on X2 this morning and on a Bernard Matthews Contract this afternoon, he also saw 20106 and 20126. Jamie V reported 20106 on Lowestoft circular service 102 this afternoon ! Thanks to Sam for passing this on.

20124 left Wisbech 25 late at lunchtime on the 13.39 to Lowestoft due to congestion in the town.

The picture today is of Richard with 20120 a few weeks back when it failed on a test run on the A47 Tilney bypass !


Thursday 24th July 2008 - The return of 111 !

A fairly uneventful day on the X1. 20104 reappeared on L13 07. 45 Lowestoft - Peterborough. It has had an ad for 'Just Jobs Suffolk' removed from the passenger side but retains the same on the drivers side !
20504 is seemingly back on the road this evening as it had its exam completed at Vancouver Avenue today.
Highlight of the day was the return of 20111 (above) which came in on Y21 17.25 ex Lowestoft after MOT completion at Great Yarmouth. It had last worked on June 11th.
Michael at last reported B10s back on the X2 today with 20103 and 20107 working. On diagram K19, 20126 was sent out from Lynn but this got swapped during the day and 20119 returned off the X2 tonight. Jamie V saw 20123 working on the 3's - thanks to Sam for passing on the gen.

Wednesday 23rd July : The Heat Is On

Hottest day for sometime, but services were relatively unaffected. There was some late running though with 20119 on K16, 13.01 Wisbech - Peterborough being 25 late and 20507 0n K3 15.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft noted 20 down.
20501 on Y9 10.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft was failed at Lynn with a suspension fault (Jamie V was on it) and 20141 replaced it. This had been on the spare turn (K20) so after repairs it looks as though 20501 resumed this turn. 20509 was overheating on L13 12.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft at Lynn at 14.00 and a top up of hydraulic fluid and an external radiator clean saw it fit to continue. 20126 was on the X2 turn today (K19) and worked the whole diagram. Its new ads are for Waveney College / Consumer Direct and on the back Kiss Radio. 20504 was under repair in Vancouver Avenue tonight.


Tuesday 22nd July - The Countdown is on !

Wow, the first post in a new blog ! I've decided to do this to chart the progress of the introduction of a new fleet of double deckers on the X1 expected over the next few months. At the moment the service is of course booked for B10 and B12 coaches.
Yarmouth's 20126 made an appearance yesterday evening for the first time since 29th June. It came in on the 20.24 arrival at Lynn from Lowestoft, which is a chuck out from Lowestoft and only does the one trip. Once again it had new adverts on both sides and on the rear - Yarmouth are the only depot that do this with any regularity. It didn't stay long and replaced 20112 which had an ignition problem on the 21.42 to Lowestoft. Tonight though it was back again having been seen by Sam in Yarmouth earlier today, again coming in on the 20.24 arrival.
Both 20106 and 20112 were out on X1 today again and were both due to overnight at Lowestoft. 20505 came into Lowestoft on the 11.40 arrival but was replaced by 20119 on the 11.55 to Peterborough. 20505 found its way back to Lynn on diagram K19 which had started out with 20118. This does an X2 to Norwich and then does the 17.47 Norwich to Lynn. There was more swapping at Lowestoft as so often happens when there is late running, 20127 on the 12.10 arrival was swapped for 20118 to do the 12.25 Peterborough.
20504 is still blown up at Rowan Road compound with an unknown fault. Loads of B10s off the road at the moment and the list looks like this : 20103/111/114/117/120/121/131, all at either Yar or Lft.