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Tuesday 11th August 2015 ~ Still Going

This blog I mean - well just about ! Troubled times for the X1 since my last report. Firstly back on 22nd July, 33811 was involved in a collision with a lorry on Wisbech Horsefair roundabout whilst departing as the 14.35 to Norwich. Damage sustained meant that 33811 had to be taken out of service  This incident unfortunately made the local press :
This happened the day after 33807 had experienced an altercation with a coach resulting in some damage to the rear of the bus. Plans to send 33807 away for repairs were put on hold to allow 33811 to take precedence and 33807 patched up continued in service.
From an operating point of view, this caused problems but fortunately 33808 was back out on the road on Friday 24th after extensive repairs. The 24th was a day of heavy rain and quite appaling road conditions for July, indeed it was the first Friday for several months where the service fell apart on the western section due to huge traffic problems in King's Lynn and congestion along the route.
The 13.24 Wisbech - Peterborough (33810) departed 18 late but came back from Peterborough exactly 30 late. The following service ran 20 minutes late from Peterborough and arrived in Wisbech at 15.50, there was then a gap before the next bus (33809) passed me at 16.36, this being the 16.03 arrival running over 30 late.  Traffic paralysis in King's Lynn was worse though and the same service which had arrived inbound at the South Gates about 25 late proceeded to lose a further 35 minutes simply running to the bus station and back to the South Gates !! The following service with 33817 caught up at Narborough and all passengers transferred to this bus to allow 33809 to go light to Norwich to make up time, In the event 33817 departed Norwich at 19.12 as the 18.40 to Peterborough. The fun was not yet over however, as 33817 was in trouble at Wisbech with an engineer having to be called. Eventual arrival at Peterborough with replacement bus 33814 was about 45 late at 22.20 and to make matters worse about fifteen or so very bedraggled passengers were then told that the bus had to go empty back to King's Lynn and would not operate as the 21.40, leaving them in the damp to catch the last bus at 23.30. Expecting one of my lodgers off the 21.40, far from amused, I drove to Peterborough to collect him and ended up taking a further two people and dropping them at Wisbech bus station on a foul night. I am told by 'First' that the matter is under investigation.
The new King's Lynn Transport Interchange as the revamped bus station has been christened opened on August 4th. Two days later 33811 returned to King's Lynn after repairs and 33807 at last went the other way to Full Circle for attention. 33816 had an examination by Alexander Dennis last week after continuous reports of sluggish acceleration and running.
A slight diversion to the X1 in Wisbech is in operation during August. Yet another closure of Nene Quay eastbound means Norwich bound buses are once again using Weasenham Lane, That said , on Monday 10th at least one service was seen negotiating the sharp angle onto Town Bridge and through the Old Market to regain the usual route after Freedom Bridge. Friday 7th was another day of disruption with the A47 closed at Middleton after an accident for much of the morning entailing X1 diversions via the A10 and Stradsett to reach Swaffham.
My apologies to Malcolm and my friends in the East for not keeping up with their reports, I hope to rectify this before long.
Finally news that , as one might expect, the first of the Enviro 400s has now passed the 200,000 miles mark. 33806 was the first to achieve this with 33812 and 33811 very close behind. Following its prolonged lay off, the lowest mileage example in the King's Lynn fleet is now 33808 which has run just over 172,000 miles.