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March 22nd 2013 ~ A Bit of Variety

37573 photographed by David McKay on Saturday 2nd February.
Firstly my apologies to all of you who have contacted me over the past month or so where I have not had time to reply. Your input is much appreciated. I will not be able to do detailed updates for a while now,as I am still caring for my Mum.
Since the last update, loan vehicle 36180 went back to Norwich on 9th for a week and has now reappeared again, this was because of 37572 requiring an MOT (completed yesterday, Thursday). The bus shortage has been made worse by 37564 suffering a recurrence of the back axle problem which has bedevilled its X1 career, 564 last worked in service on March 3rd and is currently at Volvo being repaired, while 37567 which was involved in the RTA at Great Yarmouth on February 23rd, returned to King's Lynn following bodywork repairs at Full Circle this week. It re-entered service yesterday (Thursday) on K19-XL06. Whilst all this has been going on , the service has been kept going by the other Geminis which have in the main behaved themselves.
Today provided a bit of a surprise though, when 37577 was unavailable for L12-XL18 and coach 20514 deputised, running pretty near to time throughout. 37577 was back on the turn tonight however.
Wayne S taking 20514 on its jaunt to Peterborough on Nene Quay in Wisbech today (Friday)
On the X2 a surprise was 30886 turning up in the new X2 livery on March 18th following the completion of branding the 3265x series.
The new X2 livery as exhibited by 32652 captured by David McKay
Hopefully a more detailed blog next time, regards to you all, Gerard.


Sunday 10th March 2013 ~ update

Just a pictorial update for the moment as I am still tied up full time as a carer now my Mum is out of hospital. Future updates will hopefully be more comprehensive.

Jamie Armstrong spotted loan vehicle 36180 here on Saturday March 2nd working K3-XL09 16.15 King's Lynn - Peterborough. It looks to have worked every day up to Friday 8th. Copyright J Armstrong.
37575 also seen on Saturday 2nd while working the K17 -XL04 13.45 King's Lynn - Peterborough on time through Walpole.