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Wednesday February 28th 2018 ~ Snow Show

Snowfall in the Norwich area saw the XL service restricted to operating between Swaffham and Peterborough today. At the western end of the route traffic was light, so once the morning rush was over buses ran pretty much to time. 
Since the inception of the new timetable, the XL service has kept time much better than previously. This seems largely due to the increased allowance of time in Peterborough. Three buses now overnight at Norwich Vulcan Road and already there has been one instance of a substitute vehicle having to work. This came on Monday 19th when 33817 was unavailable and  Street Deck 35200 worked the first leg out to Peterborough and back (06.30 ex Norwich). On arrival back at Norwich, Gemini 36199 took over as 35200 had been unable to show XL on the destination display, instead showing X1.  
MOT's have restarted and 33803/14 have already been done with 33804 being tested this week. Hope to have some pictures in the next blog !