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Thursday 16th July 2009 ~ The Jobsworths

The subject of 'First' staff supplying information to this blog has been touched on before. There is no doubt that this is frowned upon by a small number of the hierarchy who it would seem have nothing better to do than spend their time worrying what we will divulge next ! I must stress that this is very much a minority and down to a handful of people, whereas many more First employees enjoy reading (I am told) this blog and others like it and are more than willing to share their information with us bus cranks (apologies to those of you who don't regard yourself as bus cranks !). Because of this small minded attitude by the few which has in the past resulted in warnings being given to at least two employees in Yarmouth and King's Lynn, I have no option other than to employ a system of aliases to protect these 'friends of the X1' from their - and in this case I use the word loosely - superiors. I will also use this opportunity to thank all the 'First' people who regularly help keep us up to date with events and just to say that I always try to give credit to the operators of the X1 when their reactions result in minor delays where a major one could have been expected.
So to today and another fairly uneventful day. 37576 would seem to be restricted to King's Lynn internal diagrams at the moment as today it did K5 after doing K3 yesterday. The big news today though came from the east of the region where Michael B reports the re-emergence of 37570 today on the 15.38 Lowestoft - Norwich X2. 570 had ended up at Lowestoft off K16 on Monday 6th and was then stopped.
20107 did the first part of Y9 today, but this afternoon Lowestoft replaced it with 37565. There didn't appear to be any other swaps today and B10Ms out were 20103 on L12, 20104 on K18 and 20105 on K3. Gemini 37579 did K15 for the third consecutive day.

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