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Wednesday 6th April 2011 ~ Noisy Buses

Today L8 was unusually supplied with 37158 and it sounded quite noisy when passing me, though it was spot on time as the 09.48 Wisbech to Peterborough. Y9 with 37570 was not seen in either direction, so may have missed the Peterborough leg. L10 had 37157 taken off at Lynn, believed to be so that it could have a wheel retorqued, it was replaced by 37160. L11 was deafening with 37572 and L12 also very noisy with 37156. I am told that this is caused when the fan thermostat fails and sticks. The upshot is that the bus can continue in service as it is below the point where the bus overheats (does that make sense ? , I'm not sure, but you know I am not a techy).
Punctual buses were the order of the day and, of course, all low floor. 37567 was off for servicing at Lowestoft and this afternoon it did the 007 schools contract. Earlier in the week on Monday, 37566 did the 006 school run.

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