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Monday November 28th 2011 ~ Announcing The Arrival Of ......

36180 in Norwich. Photo courtesy of East Norfolk Bus Blog / RN.
To deputise for the damaged 37156, Norwich 'Gemini' 36180 arrived at King's Lynn today on temporary loan for X1 use. After a deep clean at Lynn it should enter service on the route tomorrow (Tuesday).
So a new bus for the route, but today we also had an old one - dear old 20126 was pressed into use. Last night 37565 on Y7 (the final eastbound turn) expired at Hopton. Yarmouth fitters took 37570 to take over and the service resumed at 00.50. Meanwhile 37565 was brought in to Yarmouth for repairs at 04.00. Des drove 37565 this morning on Y13, but it was labouring to gain speed and only reached Gorleston Library on the 07.30 Yarmouth - Lowestoft. It returned to Caister Road garage at reduced speed and the arrival of 20126 off its college turn was then awaited. This worked forward from Yarmouth to Lynn at 09.07 where it was replaced by 37564 off servicing. 20126 went back light to Norwich with a Lynn driver and here a Yarmouth driver took the bus back to Yarmouth garage.
This left King's Lynn with one spare bus, 37158 until the arrival of 36180. Punctuality was pretty good today, 37157 on K16 14.35 from Peterborough was the worst performer 11 late.
Malcolm reports some X2 sightings from Lowestoft, 32208 on the 10.08, 32207 on the 10.38, 32211 on the 13.40 and loanee 60813 on the 15.03 to Norwich.

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