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Monday December 5th 2011 ~ The Christmas Rush

With the Christmas shoppers in full flow now, it is not surprising that the X1 has begun to encounter delays due to the additional traffic. Timekeeping today was OK, but most ran a few minutes late. Surprise of the day on this score was loan vehicle 36180 which somehow manged to be 3 late going west, but a few seconds early returning into Wisbech to form the 15.56 to Lowestoft (K17). I would hazard a guess that this is probably only the second time this year that I have seen this service running before time.
New advertising schemes seen for the first time today include one for Alvin & The Chipmunks in Chipwrecked (groans all round !) and a new rear advert for Wisbech Grammar School. 37157, 37567 & 37571 were noted with these today and I expect further vehicles to acquire them when the adman gets round to King's Lynn.
Diagrams 4, 6 & 12 all had swaps today. K4 operated for most of the day with 37565, but at 16.45 this was changed for 37573. The latter had come across this morning on L12 as far as Lynn where 37578 had taken its place. Finally 37572 on Y6 was changed for 37577 for the 20.35 Lynn to Lowestoft this evening, 577 had already done a full turn having arrived on Y9.
That nice man Grahame Bessey was out with his camera today, so high time we featured some more pictures :
37160 departing Norwich on K16 11.25 to Peterborough today. [G Bessey]

37574 with the 09.25 from Lowestoft negotiates Norwich bus station [G Bessey]
Smile your on Candid Camera ! 37576 loads at Norwich today with K1 the 13.25 departure westbound. [G Bessey]

37565 on its way to Lowestoft with K4 at 11.50 (08.35 ex Peterborough). [G Bessey]
... and to finish from Grahame, a look at what you will  be likely to find on the X2 until further notice. One of the new girls is captured at Norwich bus station today.

 Malcolm also reports seeing 32656 (above) arriving in Lowestoft with the 10.10 X2 from Norwich and in addition, 32652 on the 10.08 to the City. 

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