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Friday 20th January 2012 ~ What Buses ?

Something odd happened today. I saw 37566 departing Wisbech a few minutes late on the 08.48 to Peterborough (Y6), it negotiated the Horsefair Roundabout and left via the A1101 Churchill Road. This was a bit surprising as Nene Quay was traversable in both directions. It then transpired that Mrs. P had decreed that all X1s should take this route both in and out of Wisbech to avoid the temporary lights at Weasenham Lane. This was all the more unusual as delays have been pretty minimal up to now. It will be interesting to see if any X1s escape and use the usual route over the next few weeks.
Nene Quay will be closed to eastbound traffic from this coming Monday until 29th June. It is possible to use the normal route as far as Wisbech town bridge and then turn left, but few drivers have attempted this in the past. Westbound, Nene Quay remains open until 23rd February.
So today I saw the 308 Great Yarmouth to Birmingham and several school buses along with a Holmeswood tourer but that was all.
On the X1, 37563 returned to traffic taking over K5 from 37572 at 10.32 to Lowestoft. 37572 was then seen in the garage by Bruce before it took to the road again at 12.45 replacing 36180 on K15. 37571 on K16 was taken off for servicing and 37160 which had suffered a cracked windscreen took over after repair at 13.15.
The map below shows Nene Quay highlighted and the alternative route via Old Market and North Street, which if used would mean the Weasenham Lane stop could still be served.

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