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Monday 2nd April 2012 - Sunday 8th April 2012 ~ Roads in Chaos

Monday April 2nd

The week began fairly well with minor delays on the western section. Y6 with 37563 was seen passing the Southgates on its way into Lynn from Peterborough at 11.03, a minute after it should have left the bus station for Lowestoft. Viewed in Vancouver Avenue at 16.30 was 37564 having arrived back from repairs at Volvo. 37574 meanwhile is expected to be repaired tomorrow. At the Lowestoft end, 37575 arrived 14 late on L8, departing westbound 4 late and on the X2, services to Norwich left at 14.38 with 30886 and at 15.03 with 30887.
In Lynn, Portand Street is closed for two days meaning a slight diversion and similarly in Dereham, Crown Road is closed for four days. The new timetable now means there are three additional stops for the X1 in Hillcrest Avenue at Toftwood.

Tuesday April 3rd

It's always nice to include pictures from a new X1 fan, Kieran Smith kindly sent in today's photographs. 37566 is seen at Norwich bus station operating K1 today.

37571 always seems to appear in this blog more than most buses. Here it is seen at Norwich heading for Lowestoft on K19 today. [K. Smith]
20115 is still earning its keep on the X1 shorts, seen here about to leave Norwich for Yarmouth today. [K.Smith]
Kieran also captured 34108 between X1 shorts today.

Cheryl says "37564 on Y6 this morning, crammed with pushchairs from Wisbech. Just as we turned to go into Thorney, 37572 on K4 was standing on the side of the road with its passengers disembarked - the driver stopped for a chat and we continued". Turns out 37564 on Y6 was a replacement for 37567 at Lynn, while the problem with brakes binding was rapidly sorted and 37572 was seen passing the Southgates at 10.12 - only about 23 late, not bad considering. 37567 replaced 37572 at the bus station and once checked over 37572 was fit to relive 36180 on K15 at 12.45. K4 was noted departing eastbound with 37567 22 late. L12 with 37563 was 12 late arriving from the coast to work the 11.15 to Peterborough.
Malcolm once again saw 30886 working on the X2, it did the 15.03 to Norwich.

Wednesday April 4th

First change of vehicle noted today was 36180 on K5 being replaced by 37159 for the 10.32 Lynn - Lowestoft. Both Y7 and Y13 swapped vehicles at Lynn 37567 which had its service postponed yesterday came off Y7 for 37577 and Y13 saw 37568 come off for 36180 forward. Y9 with 37158 was 25 late into Yarmouth this afternoon, Des gained a little time thence and it was -18 into Lowestoft.
Mauntenance was at last completed on 37574. At lunchtime I passed 37576 20 late at Walton Highway working L10 eastbound, then shortly after 37570 went by me on L11 having left Wisbech spot on time.

Thursday April 5th 

A47 incidents dogged the service today. Late morning saw 37160 on L10 delayed and it departed Lynn for Lowestoft 27 late at 13.29. 37566 on L12 was replaced by 37159 and 37569 came off K15 for freshly MOTd 37573. 37157 was 13 late into Lowestoft on Y9 and departed back westbound  8 late. Malcolm also saw 30887 on the 13.40 X2 to Norwich. 37565 on Y7 15.25 Lowestoft - Lynn was 17 late from Yarmouth and 14 late into Lynn with Des and 37565. This evening a fatal accident at Wendling saw services take a long diversion via Shipdham and Pickenham and Y13 21.50 Lynn to Peterborough was seen on Nar Ouse Way with 37578 at 22.27, about 31 late. Des says "I was on K4 19.35 King's Lynn to Yarmouth and guessed something was up as all the emergency services passed me".
20115 photographed by Des working the 14.57 Yarmouth - Norwich today.
20102 is now resident at Great Yarmouth so watch out for it on the X1 shuttles. [D Speed]

Good Friday April 6th

The usual hourly service on a Bank Holiday today. Services were in disarray though and when a tractor broke down on the Pullover Road west of Lynn this afternoon, a  local diversion via Eau Brink to reach Saddlebow was instituted. My sister passed 36180 on the diversion which is a very narrow road and traffic was crawling. At Lowestoft 37578 arrived on K5 15 late and later Malcolm saw 37564 departing 'not in service' at 17.00 and 37567 running light at Carlton Colville ! I think 567 should have been the 15.48 service from Lowestoft as this did go empty to Norwich to make up lost time. Des took 37570 from Yarmouth to Lowestoft to do the 16.48 as the incoming bus was over 60 minutes late. Des also saw a B9 running 44 late on the Trowse bypass for the 17.15 Norwich to Lowestoft. All manner of chaos ensued to the local service 1 too. By a strange quirk of fate, King's Lynn had all the B7s in the garage today.

Saturday April 7th

Delays of up to 10 minutes were average today. 37566/9/72 were the buses spare at Lynn.

Easter Sunday April 8th

An all B9 worked service which seemed to run smoothly.

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