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Wednesday 13th June - Sunday 17th June 2012 ~ New Bus Talk

34186 seen on an X1 short in Acle on 11th June.  Photo : Joe Watson /NBP
As the Olympics get nearer, more and more people are emailing or asking me about new buses for the X1. The rumour was that new vehicles would come after being used for the Games, but I am none the wiser up to now. How much longer the Geminis can keep going is debatable, but it seems certain that internal refurbishment will be required before the engines give up, as the Volvo units seem to go on forever.
The last few days has seen a continuation of recent times, with the 22 Geminis keeping the service going.
On Wednesday, 37563 was in trouble - it had been examined because it seemed to be losing power and after no obvious faults were found it was turned out on K4. This afternoon it expired at Easton. It managed to limp to the Park & Ride site at Costessey and was then sent to the Volvo workshops in Norwich for attention. From what I can gather, K4 restarted at Swaffham with 37573 at 16.07 and this was 18 late through Walpole. 37567 was the other Gemini rested today with 37566 having its MOT tomorrow.  An unusual sight at Lowestoft was X2 vehicle 32656 being utilised on the 101 town service.
Thursday saw 37563 back at Lynn, it is to be given a long road test before it returns to service. A data link fault is thought to be the cause of its ailments (whatever that is !).
Both 37158 and now 37157 are suffering from noisy fans again, 157 was used on L11 today and was 9 late passing Bruce going to Peterborough and 15 late coming back. Timekeeping was pretty good otherwise. Items of interest viewed on the Southgates webcam included L10 leaving Vancouver Avenue after a vehicle change at 13.13 on the 13.02 Lynn - Lowestoft. 37568 had been replaced by 37574, while at 13.54 two X1s were seen departing simultaneously with 37156 on L11 13.32 Lynn - Lowestoft (about 17 late) heading east and 37570 on K17 just 4 late going to Peterborough. In Lowestoft it was the turn of 32655 to deputise on the 101 town service and Malcolm thinks a shortage of Darts is the reason.
Friday had some hit and miss timekeeping. 37160 was seen leaving the Southgate driver change at 13.10 to Lowestoft on Y9 (due 12.37, so some 33 minutes late). L10 was not far behind it and set out at 13.22 - about 15 late with 37564. 37577 on K15 was taken out of service at Lynn at 12.45 to be replaced by 37579. 577 needed servicing and attention to its upper deck windscreen. One service definitely not affected by today's delays was K1 which was bang on time into King's Lynn for the 15.15 to Peterborough and similarly punctual departing back to Lowestoft at 18.02 with 37570.
The current situation at Peterborough rail station - even the large puddle seems to have been eradicated by resurfacing. Photo P Risebrow
On Saturday, an accident on the A47 at East Winch at lunchtime caused disruption to what otherwise was a fairly good day for timekeeping. 37574 on K14 was the first eastbound service delayed. It was seen returninf grom Peterborough mid afternoon running over 30 late with K15 a couple of minutes behind it. Des Speed says "I was on 37571 (L9) and this bus was on time out of Yarmouth at 15.00 to Lowestoft and then departing westbound at 15.55. however, the previous two buses were running together approx 45 & 15 late (this would have been 37573 on Y7 and 37569 on L8). Similarly, the buses following me were out of course with  Y10 being 10 late and L11 35 late. Two vehicles collided at East Winch just after 11.30 and both lanes were closed for a while causing lengthy tailbacks. Meanwhile at Norwich bus station, a water leak caused the closure of the information centre, cafe and toilets while the cause is investigated". Malcolm Hicks reports 30887 on service 101 in Lowestoft today.
Sunday saw nothing unusual X1 wise but it was the EATM open day at Carlton Colville where it was nice to catch up with some familiar faces.
37573 at Lowestoft today after working K6 and before taking Service 1 to Martham. Photo : K Smith
One of the exhibits at the EATM today with a rather unusual destination ! Photo : K Smith

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