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I Don't Believe It !

I am told by a reliable source that the new buses for the X1 are currently parked in a location north of London labelled for Olympic use but with X1 branding. The livery is different from the current one and I believe the lower bodysides are burgundy. The seventeen buses (not 22 as we'd hoped) have leather seats and and are rumoured to have more powerful engines than the current fleet. True or false ? We will see.

Panther Travel in Harwich who run Plaxton Premiere B10M N611APU, the former X1 coach are thought to have acquired another of the fleet. I was quoted the former 20101 and 20107 but the former was in very poor condition when sent to Erith Commercials, so may be this is a typo for 20111. As for 20107 which was the most reliable coach in its latter years, it was also thought to have been crushed - again more waiting and seeing !

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