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Monday August 6th 2012 - Sunday August 12th 2012 ~ X1 Fans

Once again, the B7 Geminis are working hard, very hard and the fans they are a screaming. 37157/8/9 were all making a racket this week, but at least the B9s are exempt.
37564 was diagnosed with a back axle defect on Monday which ruled it out for the rest of the week. I think only two B9s have had axle problems since they were introduced here, but this is the third time 564 has been affected. Mainly a punctuality report this week :
Monday was a quiet day and timekeeping was good. K3-XL09 with 37157 was seen leaving the Southgates for Lowestoft after a driver change at 09.40 on the 09.32 departure from the bus station. Only minor delay was to Y7-XL13 which lost time and 37577 was a minute late westbound and 9 late returning to Lowestoft.
Tuesday and 37573 on K5-XL11 motored past my window at 09.49, a minute early from Peterborough which is highly unusual. For the second day running Y7-XL13 lost time, 37570 was 13 late past Bruce going east at 11.18.
L8-XL14 was on time, but 37158 on Y9-XL15 was 10 late. K15-XL02 was 11 late in both directions with 37574.
Delays on Wednesday were few, Y7-XL13 was again the first service affected on the western section. 37566 this time was 8 late at Walpole going east and likewise leaving the Southgates for Lowestoft. L11-XL17 with 37160 was 14 late eastbound from Wisbech on the 12.56 departure. K17-XL04 with 37577 came in from Lowestoft to Lynn 10 late followed by K18-XL05 and 37157 18 late. 157 then made up time being 13 late from Wisbech to Peterborough and only 6 late returning which was commendable. Although K19-XL06 with 37570 ran to time, K1-XL07 with 37572 left Wisbech 18 late on the 15.48 to Peterborough. Des was back from his Olympic duties today.
On Thursday, Y7-XL13 made a bad start and was 9 late at Walpole westbound (37158) and L8-XL14 (37563)  was on time with the 09.15 King's Lynn -Peterborough but was 14 late returning. This was as bad as it got though and the remainder of the day ran well. Bumped into Des tonight, he had brought 37571 into Lynn on L11-XL17, his report : departed Yarmouth 14 late then queueing traffic due to Yarmouth Races so 21 late at Acle and 16 late into Lynn.
Friday began with a three vehicle crash near Swaffham before 08.00. Westbound services were caught up in the aftermath. Peter was waiting for Y6-XL12 08.48 Wisbech - Peterborough which failed to run and 37579 was the next bus along on Y7-XL13, this had been sent out from Lynn when the stranded services didn't arrive on time. Next along westbound was 37575 on L8-XL14 which was empty passing Walpole. This had arrived in Lynn on the original Y6-XL12.To get things back on track, Y6-XL12 and Y7-XL13 restarted from Lynn eastbound at 11.02 & 11.32 respectively with 37574 & 37156 and services then dropped down a turn. 37579 became L8-XL14 and Y9-XL15 ran forward with 37575. It was not until the 13.15 departure from Lynn to Peterborough (K16-XL03) with 37567 that the incoming bus ran throughout. there were further swaps throughout the day and traffic was in chaos around King's Lynn at various times. An accident near Hardwick roundabout and Sandringham Flower Show traffic compounded the situation. In the afternoon there was a 69 minute gap in the service before K4-XL10 and 37568 passed Walpole to Peterborough at 17.20, itself 16 late.
Des says 'GFT' today (general Friday time), with 37570 on L11-XL17 and worse than yesterday by some margin, 27 late from Yarmouth, 40 late at Acle and into Lynn at 20.30, 31 late ! Filby Road at Acle was closed due to an accident this afternoon and all traffic was using the A47, hence more congestion.

37575 heads westbound at Walpole Highway on K19 -XL06 on Saturday afternoon.

Not quite sure what happened on Saturday morning, but while waiting at Walpole for the 09.06 to King's Lynn, I saw Y7-XL13 09.03 to Peterborough pass through a minute late with 37571. I later found out that this was Y6-XL12 running 31 late. No other services seemed to be affected, so may be this was an isolated delay.
Sunday saw more late running with services in the middle of the day arriving into Lynn from the coast up to 15 minutes late, due to the closure of Station Road in Dereham and consequent diversions.

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