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23rd - 30th September 2012 ~ Nicely Thankyou

The last week of September was pretty uneventful, so a quick blog to keep you up to date ...

Sunday 23rd September : For some reason, 37566 was not used by Great Yarmouth today and instead B7 37157 was turned out for the diagram which finishes early at King's Lynn at 20.44. It is quite a while since a B7 worked on a Sunday. Syd returned 66346 from Lowestoft to Norwich after its holiday. 42450 came back from Yarmouth to Lowestoft to compensate.

Monday 24th September : Things went very well today and were monitored by Bruce. 37565 is having MOT work done this week, while 37158 and 37564 were kept in for exams. No swaps were recorded.

Tuesday 25th September : 37576 had to be taken out of traffic today (it was working K19-XL06) when it's propshaft failed. 37572 replaced it. 37563 was required for servicing and this meant after lunch 37159 ended up on K15-XL02 which is unusual. Timekeeping was excellent today with no delays noted on any of the 19 turns.

Wednesday 26th September : An extremely rare occurence today was 37158 on Y9-XL15 terminating at Lowestoft due to a driver shortage, I'm pretty certain that in order to balance things, the 19.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft terminated at King's Lynn with 37571. Once again punctuality was exceptional and only K19-XL06 with 37578 ran late through Wisbech - it was 12 late on th 15.18 to Peterborough, but just 7 late coming back.

Thursday 27th September : Another good day for the timetable summed up by K18-XL05 with 37160 which was marginally early past me this afternoon on the 14.48 Wisbech - Peterborough. 37572/6/9 are all scheduled to have tachograph calibration over the next few days. Malcolm reports Lowestoft's sole remaining Palatine, 34155, on the 101 town service today.

Friday 28th September : A few services were delayed by up to 10 minutes today, but again considering it was a Friday things ran acceptably well. 37570 on L11-XL17 was 12 late through Wisbech on the 11.18 to Peterborough.  37576 was repaired very quickly and was out again today initially on K1-XL07 but by this afternoon it had dropped down to K2-XL08. 37575 started the day on K5-XL11 but was replaced by 37572 at 10.32 after its tachograph check. 37575 later appeared on K1-XL07 28 late, the only timekeeping casualty of the day. 37565 off MOT appeared on K4-XL10. Des reports K18-XL05 with 37157 running 15 late from King's Lynn on the 17.02 to Great Yarmouth where it arrived 19 late due to the Friday traffic.
37567 at Peterborough Queensgate this afternoon on K14-XL01 13.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft.
Photo courtesy of Ian Hignett

Saturday 29th September. There were a few delays today, but all seemed to run fairly well except K17-XL04 with 37569 which departed Wisbech at 14.40 on the 14.18 to Peterborough. A morning incident on the Acle Straight didn't seem to affect services much. Des writes "37567 for me on K14-XL01 08..55 Lowestoft - Peterborough. we were on time until Dereham where traffic was heavy, then at Swaffham an influx of around 15 youngsters all with £5 or£10 notes for a £4.40 fare - it all takes time. After this exiting fromNarborough onto the A47 was delayed by a 40mph Tesco lorry and trailing traffic. We were 6 late from King's Lynn bus station at 12.21. Later my booked service of K18-XL05 17.02 Lynn - Great Yarmouth ended up taking K17 (XL04)s passengers as this went non-stop to Norwich. Its passengers joined me at the Southgates and K18-XL05 departed here 5 minutes late with around 30 pasengers having joined. Arrival at Great Yarmouth was 12 late.
Another of Ian's Saturday sightings : 37568 working K16-XL03 09.55 from Lowestoft on arrival at Peterborough.
[I Hignett]

Sunday 30th September. An uneventful day with an all B9 worked service and no swaps. Work has been ongoing this week on checking the heaters on the fleet in preparation for the colder weather.

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