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May 10th 2013 ~ Ten Days in May

37159 at Vancouver Avenue on the evening of 6th May.
The title of this blog entry is my way of saying not a lot has been going on - well if it has, I've not heard about it ! Looking back through my X1 diary I have made a few notes though.....
37578 failed as we mentioned in our last report, on the last day of April with loss of gears/data link fault and so far has not been in traffic up to 11th May. On Thursday 2nd, 37567 broke down at Peterborough before working the 21.10 to King's Lynn with a coolant leak, however, this minor ailment cured, it was out again after a day off for repairs.
Photo : Jo Watson NBP

Photo : Jo Watson NBP
Timekeeping had been pretty good to start the month, but a close eye was kept on proceedings on
Friday 3rd, the day when many folks were getting away for the Bank Holiday weekend. Most services ran pretty close to time, but noted running late from my office window were L11-XL17 with 37160 which was 13 late westbound and 21 late returning to Lowestoft. Y13-XL19 was seen westbound, due past me at 12.20, 37574 sidled by at 12.37. K14-XL01 following it was 37573 running just 10 late, but K15-XL02 didn't appear until 13.43, 23 minutes late with 37579. afternoon services then improved with the exception of K17 operated by 37563 which was 13 x 21 late through Wisbech at 14.33 & 16.11. At the east end, 37157 on Y9-XL15 was 15 late arriving at Lowestoft. Both Yarmouth's Paragon coaches were in use on X1 shorts and thanks to Jo for the pictures taken at North Burlingham (20515) and Acle (20514).
Why have one picture of 37159 when you can have two ? Kieran Smith took this nice study at Dereham on Saturday 4th, I think Coca Cola are having a blitz on the X1s. Firstly it was diet coke, then vanilla coke and now coke zero !

Saturday 4th was a busy day with rumours of heavy delays, however, I was not around to monitor things and all I can say is that 37579 was removed from L8 - XL14 before departing from King's Lynn to Peterborough at 18.50 due to a brakes issue and 37156 took over, freshly washed and cleaned having come in on Y7-XL13. Des reports an unfortunate incident, when at 15.40 in Great Yarmouth, two Mothers with baby buggies boarded. Later in the queue were two disabled passengers with wheelchairs who were unable to join as they have no priority if the available space has already been filled - "not a pleasant discussion" comments Des.
Going back to the delays mentioned earlier, Tony writes "Bob and myself had an interesting return trip from Peterborough.We were in good time for the 09.44 at Queensgate, but it arrived 15 minutes late with 37564 (This had replaced 37576 at King's Lynn - G). We were then involved in a minor RTA at the Soke Parkway/Paston Parkway intersection with the result that, after details had been exchanged with the other driver, we waited at Thorney Chip Shop for the following 10.14 ex Peterborough to which we were transferred. 37564 then went 'not in service' directly to Vancouver Avenue to have it's minor wounds seen to. The 10.14 was operated by 37568 and was then covering for two services which meant that, by the time we got to Lynn we were both full to the gunwales and about 10 down. Lynn decided to send 37568 forward direct to Norwich and passengers for destinations before then were disembarked and invited to await another bus. What this was I do not know as we had an important engagement to attend and for which we were already late. 
We arrived for our return journey for the 14.15 ex Lynn. This turned up over 20 down with 37157 and, by the time we got to Thorney Chip Shop, we had been caught up by the following 14.45 ex Lynn with 37570  We were all transferred to the latter working to enable 37157 to turn and resume it's eastbound schedule.
The First guys were very good though". Ah well that explains things, thanks to Tony & Bob for the info.
Sunday's 'Great Eastern Run' caused a few morning delays and Bruce reports 37569 on XL07 09.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough passing Walpole 13 late and returning 14 late. 37567 on the 10.10 ex Peterborough was just 11 late at this point, but Malcolm says it was 34 late arriving at Lowestoft. Back at Walpole the 10.50 from Lynn (a rare working by 37156 on a Sunday) was 16 late. A surplus of B7s at the eastern end also saw XL09 operated by 37159.
Bank Holiday Monday evening traffic on the A47 was very slow westbound. An accident near Norwich between a car and a motorbike made things worse. I noted the 18.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough with 37567 in a slow moving queue near Eau Brink at 19.58, running about 57 minutes late. The following 19.50 service was then passed at the Saddlebow roundabout only about 3 minutes late.
It was back to a full timetable on Tuesday and only two services ran appreciably late, L12 with 37576 was 14 late on the 11.48 ex Wisbech westbound and it came back 18 late. K14-XL01 and 37569 was 18 late westbound, but had reduced the arrears to 13 minutes on the 13.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft. Peter and a couple of fellow passengers at Peterborough rail station were not amused by a 'no show' of the 17.35 to King's Lynn (it should have been 37159) and they had to wait a further 30 minutes for 37564 on K4-XL10, which arrived bang on time.

Wednesday 8th saw Bruce checking things out and only L8-XL14 ran late, 37575 passing by at 11.48, 13 minutes behind time. Thursday was a good day for punctuality and some services made up time, 37567 on L12-XL18 for example was 11 late westbound, but only 4 late returning on the 12.35 from Peterborough. A turn up for the books was 37568 on K18-XL05 which was a minute early passing me on the 14.48 Wisbech to Peterborough. Note to Bruce : See, 37568 does run to time, or even early on occasions !
Late in the afternoon, 37158 working L11-XL17 failed at Yarmouth with an air leak. The driver due to take it from Lowestoft back to Lynn travelled by the 16.55 X2 to meet a relief bus, 37156 I think, at Norwich where L11 continued. 37158 was driven back to King's Lynn after being examined by fitters.
To end this round up, another Friday (10th) where timekeeping was considerably better than the previous week. Just two late runners, these being 37579 on L10-XL16 10.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough which was 12 late and then (you've probably already guessed) the usual culprit, L11-XL17 with 37160 (still roaring) 17 late. This then encountered problems at Thorney when it lost some advertisement sections. It was noted later this evening minus the offside advert and is believed to have run light from Peterborough to Norwich to resume its duty. The week ended with 37578 still off the road for repairs and also absent has been 37573 which was sent to Full Circle for scheduled bodywork repairs on Saturday 4th. It is due back on Monday.
Finally there are some timetable revisions from 26th May, more news nearer the time. Thanks to all who have contributed recently.

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