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Wednesday 15th January 2014 ~ Mind the Doors Please !

33804 bang on schedule at Walpole Highway on Friday with the 09.00 ex Lowestoft.
By and large another uneventful week, but a few items to report. Last Thursday (9th) 33812 working Y11 07.15 from Lowestoft was delayed because of an accident near Acle and it left Wisbech for its destination still 21 minutes late. The following 07.45 ex Lowestoft was unaffected and ran on time with 33817, however, later, 33817 was in trouble in Gorleston when one side of the entrance doors became detached from its mounting. The bus was able to continue to Lowestoft for fitters attention and eventually got back to King's Lynn. 
33808 leaving Walton Highway and passing a remarkable crop of sugar beet (I've posted this for my friend Mark who always bellows about East Anglia's favourite crop). This was the 09.00 from Lowestoft on Thursday which was running 16 minutes late due to an earlier A47 delay.
33423 continues to be a useful standby and was turned out for K3-XL09 on Friday, Tuesday and today (Wednesday). Its MOT call up is imminent though and it remains to be seen whether 36180 or one of the former X1 Geminis will be loaned to King's Lynn when it goes. 33809 is still at  Full Circle for bodywork repairs and 33810 has been out of traffic for a new destination screen glass, it then worked K3 on Monday but was off the road again on Tuesday and today with an engine derate problem. 33805 & 33808 have both worked every day since the New Year services commenced.
Incidents of vandalism are thankfully rare, but on Tuesday evening K6 14.30 from Lowestoft had just left King's Lynn when a missile was thrown at a downstairs window on Nar OuseWay. 33817 was turned round and replaced at the garage by 33820.
Punctuality has been very good indeed. On Monday 33815 was noted arriving in Wisbech on K14-XL01 to form the 12.58 departure to Peterborough about 4 minutes early. Des adds "These new Enviros are great for making up lost time, cruising along at 60 mph with ease". 
This week  Roy reports an X1 diversion in Gorleston while the High Street is closed again for work on a water main, see picture below :
33806 passes Gorleston parish church on a diversion via Church Road (see above). Photo copyright : East Norfolk Bus Blog.
Thanks also to Roy for spotting a disabled 20515 being rescued at Great Yarmouth Market Gates after expiring while working an X1 short on Friday. Amongst services delayed by the rescue operation were the 15.17 departure to Peterborough. 
Photo copyright : East Norfolk Bus Blog
Our old Geminis are having mixed fortunes it would appear. On Sunday 37579 was noted arriving at Yarmouth depot on tow after failing with its engine cutting out and being unable to restart. Volvo are apparently trying to fix the problem. Meanwhile Malcolm reports Monday as being the first day he had seen the X2 entirely Gemini operated. Seen in use were 37563 - 37571 inclusive, in other words, all of the Lowestoft fleet. 
Steve says "You may be interested to read a recent post on my blog, which compares the Excel and Konect E400's. I'm afraid it's not to favourable towards the X1's, and I'd welcome your views. I'd also be interested to know what the drivers think of the E400's, and if they can see them lasting the distance ?"
Well we've seen what one of them thinks above, for Steve's critical report, have a look at :

There are also some interesting comments from Zak !

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