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Wednesday 19th March 2014 ~ Running with the X1

33807 departing from Norwich as the 10.00 service to Peterborough on Sunday 16th. Photo copyright : Sam Larke
The Enviro 400s continue their domination of the X1 in a quiet manner - so quiet in fact that Bruce reckons they creep up behind him when he is cutting the hedge and he keeps missing the numbers - too busy waving at the drivers I suspect !
33813 which had a problem with a roof pod has been back on the road since last Tuesday (11th) and 33804 became the second of the fleet to receive an MOT on 14th being noted back in service the following day. The only bus in difficulties has been 33809 which back on Friday 7th overheated due to a hydraulic oil leak. It then spent five days off road for remedial work before returning to traffic on Thursday 13th.
33812 is the months star performer having worked on every day between February 24th and today (March 19th). It has accumulated almost 54,000 miles to date, something already achieved by 33811.
Punctuality has been very good with a blip on Friday 14th after an rta on the Acle Straight delayed some services by up to 20 minutes.
Sunday saw four of the occupants of  King's Lynn garage with windscreen fractures, here's another photographed by Jamie Skinner on Monday 10th, note the crack creeping up from the bottom of the screen, Jamie does however mention the cheery driver. 

Faulty LED displays and confusing announcements have also been reported, but this would seem to be linked to patchy GPS coverage at certain points in the route. 
Sam Larke was out with his camera in Norwich on Sunday - the second Sunday in a row where temperatures have soared and here are some more of his pictures taken that day :
For the second consecutive year, X1 vehicles are carrying a variety of adverts for services from Norwich Airport, probably a good idea as Easyjet are currently trying to make Norfolk travellers aware that Stansted is (allegedly)  not that far away ! 
Here we have 33821 arriving at Norwich on the 08.27 King's Lynn - Lowestoft on Sunday. Photo : Sam Larke

The only X1 not reported to me on Sunday was this one and Sam photographed it twice  ! 33821 departs Norwich eastbound in the fine Spring sunshine. Photo : Sam Larke

This coming Friday (21st) is Sport Relief day and in association with this, First Eastern will have staff running/cycling the X1 route for this worthy cause. Here's the link if you'd like to help them reach their target :

Thanks to all my regular correspondents, particularly Malcolm in Lowestoft for his comprehensive reports. The regular team are a bit thin on the ground now, with Bruce stuck behind the hedge, Des just back from sunbathing in Spain and Cheryl having moved house to near Whittlesea, plus Peter and Angela living it up in the USA again !! Hope to see you all again soon.

A sparkling 33823 arrives in Norwich working Sunday's 08.54 Wisbech - Lowestoft. Photo : Sam Larke

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