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Saturday 25th May 2014 ~ Big Changes On The Way.

A review of the X1 service has taken place this week. This has largely concerned the extensive roadworks which are to be taking place at the 'Postwick Hub' which commenced on 12th May and which are planned to last a massive 72 weeks. Currently there is a single lane restriction eastbound, but this is soon to encompass both directions, causing all manner of mayhem no doubt.
The scale of the disruption means it will no longer be possible to run the X1 in its present form and, at least temporarily, the route is to be split at Norwich. This will inevitably mean the transfer of a number of the Enviros to the eastern end of the route for maintenance purposes. As this is rather a sensitive issue, I cannot give more detail at the moment, but there is at least one other major change which will be to the benefit of the majority of X1 travellers. I will reveal more detail when the information becomes public. Changes to the route are likely to take place from late July. Keep monitoring the blog for the latest developments.
This week's update to follow.

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