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Monday June 2nd 2014 ~ Changes from 27th July

I can now reveal the changes I forecast a while ago in full. The splitting of the X1 route will be effective from July 27th. Services will operate at a 20 minute frequency from Norwich to Lowestoft calling at Acle, Yarmouth and stops to Lowestoft and on the western section the half hourly frequency will remain between Norwich and Peterborough, but without the lengthy, in terms of time, diversion through Toftwood. The approach to Dereham through Scarning will be used instead as was formerly the case.
Lowestoft and Yarmouth drivers will share the eastern section and the Peterborough service will be operated entirely by King's Lynn based drivers. Seven Enviro 400s will be transferred to Great Yarmouth for maintenance purposes. It remains to be seen whether these changes will be temporary covering the period of the Postwick Hub roadworks, or whether this will end up being a permanent situation.

33817  gets a clean up and fuel at King's Lynn depot on Sunday evening.

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Great shot mate!