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Friday 6th February 2015 ~ Another Blue Gemini

The past couple of weeks have seen a few Enviros having mechanical problems. Fortunately these have not meant any substitutions by other types of bus and 33818 remains on loan at King's Lynn from Great Yarmouth. Both 33808 and 33817 have been away for repairs, but are now both back at King's Lynn with 33808 re-entering service on 3rd and 33817 expected to follow it soon. In the meantime following a repaint in Excel colours, Gemini 37573 has arrived at Lynn for minor repairs and to have some seats replaced and it may yet see some use at the western end of the route as Enviro 33803 has now been taken out of traffic. This follows it failing on the last Norwich - King's Lynn service in the early hours of Saturday morning. 33803 came to a halt near the A1122 roundabout west of Swaffham and is now away for repairs.
If anything, delays to the X1 have been slightly less conspicuous than is normal in January, A collision between three cars on the A47 at West Bilney resulted in the road being closed for 6 hours from about 16.45 on Friday evening (30th January)which resulted in some disruption. There have also been a few delays due to adverse weather.

In Tuesday morning's rush hour the combination of the snow and roadworks on Bourges Boulevard meant services were losing time badly at the Peterborough end. The 08.05 ex Peterborough had lost 25 minutes, 33816 on the 10.05 came into Wisbech at 11.25, 35 late with the next service less than 2 minutes behind it. Going west K10 10.44 from Wisbech got away at 11.13 with 33804 but had commendably regained 12 of the 29 lost minutes by the time it passed Walton Highway at 12.50.
Back on 22nd January 33804 was delayed while working K10 11.35 from Peterborough and came through Walton Highway at 12.57, 24 late. The following service with 33809 was just 5 minutes behind it  running on time. Saturday 24th was a challenging day with 33807 cutting out and 33805 with a door problem but both survived the day.
The revised wording on destination displays was event from the week commencing 26th January and at least one service on 29th  as noted departing Wisbech for Peterborough still showing Wisbech on the front. This was not surprising given that this was a new innovation for drivers to remember at various points on route.
Over at Lowestoft X1 variations have been few and far between despite the loan of 33818 to King's Lynn. 32629 was noted departing on the 14.40 on January 14th and the same bus was deputising on 28th. Yarmouth's Royale 34109 has continued to occasionally appear on the Martham services seen by Malcolm on 17th and 19th January and again on 31st.
Single decker vehicles have included ex Yorkshire 62143 becoming a bit of an X2 regular having worked on January 14, 21,22, 26 & 28 and again on February 3rd. Volvo B7L Eclipse 66334 has been out on the Marthams on 17th, 31st Jan & Feb 2 & 5 and this is one of the type reallocated to Yarmouth to replace the 608xx series B10BLE Wright Renowns. Loaned to Lowestoft is South Yorkshire Volvo B10BLE 66112 which was first noted on a contract on 26th Jan before appearing on the 99 next day and then on the 09.10 X2 from Norwich on 30th.  Other sightings have included 60618 regularly on the 1's and 60622 also being seen on the 15.10 to Martham on 23rd. Enviro 200 44513 was pressed into use on the X2 on January 22nd and 28th. 28th was a bit of a poor day for the Lowestoft Enviro 400s with only 33823 being seen by Malcolm, the other turns being Geminis and 33423 plus as already mentioned 32629 helping out.

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