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Monday 11th May 2015 ~ Update

In rather unusual surroundings, 33820 at Ipswich on April 11th whilst working rail replacement services to and from Norwich. Photo copyright : Roger Bellward
At last had a few minutes to bring you some X1 news. My house refurbishment continues,hence the long delay between bulletins.
Vehicle wise 33816 is now back at King's Lynn following a lengthy lay off to receive engine attention, however, before it can return to traffic it requires an MOT and this is being sorted at the moment. 33808 had now gone to Wellingborough to have the flex plates modification.The loan of 37562 mentioned last time lasted less than a week although 33818 is still on long term loan from Lowestoft. An old King's Lynn bus, 30889 now allocated to Lowestoft has been present for nearly a fortnight at Vancouver Avenue for a major service.
On the road there has been the usual crop of incidents caused by congestion and rtas on the A47. I will do another update with pictures and reports in the next few days.

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