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Tuesday 15th December 2015 ~ Early to Bed

Well since my last offering, there has been a revised timetable introduced on the eastern section between Norwich, Yarmouth & Lowestoft. These alterations mean a slightly reduced service at Lowestoft as a few services now terminate at James Paget Hospital. There have also been big changes on the X2 with the main service now running fast from Beccles to Norwich and the X22 supplementing this by calling at Loddon and the villages. Kieran Smith explains the changes in greater detail here :
Lowestoft now have Geminis 37575/6/7/9 in addition to 37563 -72 inclusive on their books to cater for the increased vehicle requirement. While on the subject of Lowestoft, Plaxton Pointer Dart 42943 (ex Camborne) has arrived at the expense of 43865 - the latter a 7'6" wide Caetano Nimbus bodied Dart which may be more suited to Cornwall's narrow lanes, assuming this was a straight swap and East Norfolk bus blog reveals that this is indeed the case with 42358 and 43861 also heading west. Back at Yarmouth, ex Green Line 37275 is now expected to appear in these parts before long to increase the fleet of X1 vehicles. Thanks to East Norfolk Bus Blog for this gen. Paragon coach 20501, formerly of X1 fame, along with 20515 has been busy operating rail replacement services on the eastern part of the X1 route during the recent diesel unit crisis at Crown Point
Photo copyright : Kieran Smith

At the Western end of the X1, the late night services are being curtailed from next month. Currently the last two buses arrive back at King's Lynn around 01.00, but in the revised timetable the last bus is believed to be due back an hour earlier. On Sundays the service finishes much earlier from January, the present 01.00 finishes being scaled right back so that the last arrival at King's Lynn garage is at about 22.00. It is not known whether the new schedules will see the evening services revert to an hourly interval pattern rather than the ragged departure times in the present timetable. 
Looking back over the last month, the usual causes for delays have been evident, namely incidents on the A47, in particular the Acle Straight. On the western section, Tuesday 17th November was a poor day with the peaktime 07.15 Swaffham - Peterborough leaving Wisbech 17 minutes late (33815), however, some smart driving saw it come back just a minute behind schedule,  The next bus ran to time, but an hour later the 09.44 ex Wisbech westbound (07.15 from Norwich) passed by 16 late with 33814, this also regained most of the deficit though coming back just 2 minutes late. Later the 11.44 Wisbech - Peterborough came past 18 late with 33804 but the arrears had been reduced to 7 minutes on its return eastbound. Finally on 17th the 13.15 King's Lynn - Peterborough and 14.45 return were cancelled due to no driver being available. An accident on Wisbech Horsefair roundabout caused a few problems on the morning of 19th and 33803 on the 10.44 Wisbech - Peterborough eventually got away 18 minutes late. The 07,30 Peterborough - Norwich due through Walpole Highway at 08.31 was delayed on Monday 23rd, 33814 running 16 late and next day 33803 was 10 late on the same service. This one is usually a fairly good timekeeper. On the 24th also, the 09.35 from Peterborough had a unhindered run and was seen coming into Wisbech 4 early with 33815. During December thus far services have in general run quite well with the expected heavier loadings. Friday 11th was a good example when just one service was seen delayed, this being 33816 on the 15.24 Wisbech - Peterborough which had lost 15 minutes. A rather bizarre if unfortunate incident happened on Wednesday 25th November, a motorist was stung by a wasp and went into cardiac arrest causing closure of Guyhirn bank on the A47. 33806 working the 13.24 Wisbech - Peterborough departed on time by the usual route, only to be halted by the congestion, so it then turned round and came back into Wisbech at 13.42 before taking the route via Wisbech St. Mary. 
The King's Lynn fleet of Enviros seem to have been fairly well behaved over the period under review. The last week though has seen 33817 sent to Cummins for engine attention and 33811 in engine derate plus 33805 with a gear problem. 

X1s gather for their roost at King's Lynn garage

The delights of Chapelfield are being extolled on many Enviros at the moment, but the weather has not been encouraging for would  be shoppers

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