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A rather quiet month was March, but nevertheless a few things to report.

MOTs continued apace with 33806/16/18 being dealt with during the month. 33815's MOT was postponed until April in order to fix a persistent computer fault once and for all.
There were just two appearances by stand in vehicles in March. 
Firstly on 6th Gemini 36202 had a rare run out on the XL. 33818 was grounded with a heat matrix problem, so the 08.40 Norwich - Peterborough commenced its journey with 36202. On arrival at King's Lynn at around 10.30, the oldest trick in the book was used and 33808 which had arrived on the 09.10 from Peterborough was switched with the Gemini and did a second trip to Peterborough at 10.35, while 36202 took its place and went back to Norwich at 10.40. By the time the Gemini arrived back in Norwich, 33818 had been rectified and was able to continue on its duty starting with the 12.40 Norwich - Peterborough.
The other occasion when a Gemini substituted was on the morning of Saturday 9th when 36272 was appropriated to work the 07.35 Norwich - Peterborough due to a fault on 33813. It was removed at King's Lynn and returned light to Norwich.
Most recent addition to the XL fleet between Norwich and Peterborough is 33819 which has yet to receive the latest vinyls. Here it is on the A47 bypass at Walpole Highway on 1st April running as the 11.10 Peterborough - Norwich.

33807 which we last reported as needing a new engine after being removed from service on 21st February, was transported to Norwich on Monday 11th March and was back on the road on Friday 15th.

Other incidents have included a rare Sunday swap when on 3rd March 33805 was poorly and replaced for the last leg of the diagram by 33811 which took the 16.40 Peterborough - Norwich forward from King's Lynn. Next day 33811 itself was removed from the 13.40 ex Norwich at Lynn requiring a new oil cooler and 33803 worked forward.

Punctuality took a turn for the worse as the month wore on with roadworks of varying severity between Thorney and Eye affecting the XL. On Tuesday 12th, 33819 which had left Wisbech 3 late on the 10.40 to Peterborough was seen departing on the 12.30 Wisbech - Norwich 28 late. Monday 18th was a bad day with afternoon services in disarray. The 13.15 Wisbech - Peterborough with 33810 left on time, but was seen returning into the town 22 late, similarly the 13.40 with 33816 returned 17 late and the 14.10 which was 33813 was 16 late coming back eastbound. Delays were similar on 20th with the 13.40 returning 19 late and the 14.10 with 33815 17 minutes behind time. Many buses have taken an alternative route from Thorney leaving westbound via Bukehorn Road and then taking Crowland Road to reach Eye Green (the reverse for eastbound services) and thus avoid the roadworks area. 
33814 between the sites of the two accidents described below between Walsoken and Walton Highway. Seen on 1st April working the 11.40 Peterborough - Norwich.
On Saturday 23rd an accident near Walton Highway resulted in early afternoon delays. 33817 on the 14.05 Wisbech - Norwich came to a halt just before the incident, while 33807 heading west had to take the Wisbech bypass as far as Elme Hall and left the town 15 late at 14.30, while the 14.30 to Norwich (33818) also left via Churchill Road and the bypass. By coincidence another rta a few yards from this location near Princes lorry depot caused a similar situation the following Saturday at around 12.45 with resulting delays. 

Temporary closure of the A17 after a serious accident near Sutton Bridge and consequent diversions via Wisbech resulted in bad congestion on the afternoon of Friday 29th - worst affected were the 17.10 Peterborough - Norwich with 33810 which was 41 late into Wisbech and the 15.40 Norwich - Wisbech which had also run into problems, being seen at Terrington St. John 31 late with 33812.
33811 on the A47 bypass at Walpole Highway, unusually on a late finish turn (see below). Diagram 6005 runs from 06.40 until 22.00, here it is heading for Peterborough on the 10.10 from Norwich 1/4/19.
As the month came to an end, 33811 was still being kept on the early finish turns due to being the subject of tests monitoring axle wear since February 17th, this has meant it has been exempt from working the turns which overnight at Norwich.

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