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August 2019 Update

33810 gets away from Peterborough Rail Station on 1st May on the 09.40 Peterborough - Norwich.  Photo : Ash Hammond
At last an update for you, things having been a little busy here so far this Summer. The new buses are now expected to arrive in November and various rumours are circulating about them. Livery options considered appear to have initially been white, but more recently green has been suggested. Following the announcement that First are to progressively sell off their bus division, rumours also suggest that the new arrivals will be simply branded 'Eastern Counties' - now there's a blast from the past. I am told that buses of this type are currently being used on the route to Glasgow Airport, but that these are rather sumptuous inside with tables upstairs, something we don't expect on the XL batch. Air conditioning, rather than air chill - I'm not sure what the difference is - will be fitted however, but a change of plan means that once again seatbelts will not.
On the road, the existing fleet have coped very well with the very hot conditions of late July which is a blessing, as spare buses have been few and far between. The MOT programme is now almost completed with just 33819 left to be done.
On Sunday 9th June, the hourly XL services pass near Walton Highway with 33813 bound for Norwich and 33818 heading to Peterborough.

The main vehicle news in the period under review involves 33812 which was involved in a collision on the A47 at Necton on Thursday 23rd May. Damage to the front of the bus was quite severe and once repaired spent a further period out of action while its MOT was completed. Eventually it returned to traffic on the afternoon of July 22nd. Coincidentally, 33815 was taken out of traffic on 22nd requiring a new back axle and it has been undergoing this at Great Yarmouth, while 33803 seems to have become excessively noisy in recent weeks and was the only failure in traffic noted during the period on the evening of July 7th.
Gemini 36199 standing in for an Enviro on Saturday 1st June working the 14.10 Norwich - Peterborough on the A47 Terrington bypass.

In the interim, there was assistance provided by Norwich Gemini's, firstly 36199 on 1st & 3rd June, then 36172 which arrived on the evening of June 7th and performed faultlessly until June 22nd. After a brief return to Norwich, 36172 again deputised from 28th June to 4th July.
36172 was a regular sight from my window at work during June, here it is on 28th working the 08.40 Norwich - Peterborough on which it had replaced 33814 at King's Lynn.
 For the remaining dates, King's Lynn was left with a single spare Enviro and multiple changeovers were necessary to keep up with servicing requirements.

It was nice to here from Jamie Vendy that he has taken former X1 coach 20120 into preservation having purchased it from Lynx where until recently it had been used for schools work. It certainly looks splendid.
20120 looking very smart. Photo : Jamie Vendy
Back on 1st March 2008, 20120 was in its last days working on the X1, seen here heading eastbound away from the Hardwick Roundabout.

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