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Thursday 22nd January 2009 ~ Scania Scandal

In contrast to yesterday, most X1 turns were witnessed at some stage and entertaining this turned out to be . 20103 did K1 06.29 Lynn - Peterborough (6 late with Blondie) and stuck all day being seen 5 late on the 12.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough at Wisbech. 20107 was L13 07.45 Lowestoft - Peterborough on time and also 20118 was out, this did K18 10.25 ex Lowestoft. As if all these B10s weren't enough, Bruce phoned to say that K17 12.59 Lynn - Peterborough was a Scania. I had gone home for lunch expecting it to be a Profile as usual. Sure enough 65526 was seen on the return 14.18 from Peterborough running just a couple of minutes late.
There were plenty of B9s seen too : K2 579, K4 576, K5 568, K6 569, K7 578, Y8 564, Y9 573, J10 571, J11 572, L12 567, Y14 577, K15 574, K16 565. Of these 569 was 25 late from Wisbech this morning on the 08.31 to Peterborough. The late lady driver was 20 mins down at lunchtime with K16, while Blondie had a long day as Jamie R said she was the chauffeur on K5 15.48 ex Peterborough. 577 is back out again after its diesel leak. There was an unidentified B7 Profile on K3 which was a minute early into Wisbech to do the 16.09 to Lowestoft.
Bruce says Y9 19.18 ex Peterborough was 35 late tonight.

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