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Wednesday 14th January 2009 ~ Bad Publicity

A letter was published in the 'Eastern Daily Press' today regarding the lack of heating on the Gemini B9s. The author apparently wrote to FEC soon after introduction and has since done his own detective work and discovered that the drivers have no control over the setting of the heating and in fact it has to be set 'by an engineer'. Yes ! But at least they are on time now, even if the windows are filthy and there is no legroom or heating.
Jamie R remarked today on the noted improved acceleration on the Geminis. He nearly became a victim this evening when 37576 on Y14 20.59 Lynn - Peterborough made an unofficial stop in Walpole Highway village to deposit a disabled passenger. Running 8 late due to a ridiculous 10mph convoy system on the Lynn bypass, the driver then accelerated away with some purpose and almost missed Jamie waiting at the official stop, he slammed in the anchors and stopped further up the road ! His enthusiasm continued unabated however and according to Jamie, he got flashed by a speed camera in Thorney.
Rob H spoke to a First representative today who insists that the B9s are going. In April allegedly. Possibly on the 1st I thought to myself.
Well despite all the above, ALL the B9s were noted on the X1 today - yes shocking isn't it ? In all 23 buses worked today comprising the entire B9 fleet, the three B7s and more importantly from an historic point of view, 20103 on L12 07.15 Lowestoft - Peterborough and 11.48 back, 20104 on J11 07.05 Gorleston - Peterborough, 11.18 P'bo - Lowestoft and 15.55 Lowestoft - King's Lynn and replacing 20103 we had 20109 on L12 16.25 ex Lowestoft.
37563 was seen on K17 12.59 Lynn - Peterborough bang on time at Walpole at 13.18, however, it should have done K16 12.29 ex Lynn and this wasn't seen which begs the question was it K16 30 late ? Probably not as 20353 (which was over the pits at VA tonight) was the original vehicle on K17. Any info on the identity of K16 at lunchtime would be welcome. 20351 had an unusual day as it began on K19 (the X2 diagram), tonight though it had been replaced by 37568, I ought to add that I'm not 100% certain what did K19/L12 tonight. What can be said is that the vehicles used were 20109 and 37568, though which did what turn needs clarification. B10s in schools use at Lynn today were 20105/106/131. 20120 has at last joined the queue of vehicles at Rowan Road awaiting transfer to Scotland. Not all the B9s have succumbed to Cadburys adverts and 37563/568/569/571/572/574/578 were all seen today in original condition. The current position advertwise is as follows : 37564 Mamma Mia DVd, 37567/570/575/576/577 Cadbury's Creme Egg and 37579 Sex Drive (pause for us all to cringe) - which is apparently 'rude, crude and hilarious and virgin on the ridiculous' , I think it means the film, not the B9s, but I couldn't be certain. What is certain is that the B9's need a PG certificate - meaning 'Passenger Guidance' in order to not end up with hypothermia and bruised knees.

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