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Friday 17th April 2009 ~ X1 Thorney

Regular blog readers will find it no surprise to hear that FST (Friday Standard Time) reared its ugly head again today. The morning saw everything running pretty much on time, but as is often the case a sudden blip threw everything into chaos. This time it sounds like it was probably an A47 accident/diversion near Dereham which caused the disruption.
First sign of things amiss was when I returned from lunch at 13.45 and on my way from Walpole to Wisbech I passed 37570 running 32 late on L13. I would have normally thought that this was Y14, but Bruce who had been in Lynn had alerted me to the fact that 570 was L13. Not far behind running a mere 7 late wasY14 with 37563. K16 13.01 Wisbech to Peterborough was seen leaving on time with 37565, but the following 13.31 departure, K17, was 32 late (a popular delay it would seem) with 20121 instead of the usual Profile. 37574 on K18 then closely followed 121 and it would seem that 121 was turned round at Thorney with westbound passengers transferring to 574. As a consequence, K17 was a mere 7 late arriving back at Wisbech for the 15.09 departure to Lowestoft. Strange then that it then proceeded to avoid the villages and travel via the main A47 to reach Lynn.
As the afternoon progressed other turns seen were K3 15.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft with 20352 running 18 late then K5 15.48 from Peterborough with a B9 seen departing Wisbech 27 late. Andy James confirms my suspicion that this was 37569 and says it was still 27 late departing King's Lynn at 17.39. K7 with 37571 for the third successive day bucked the trend by being just 2 late from Wisbech as the 15.31 to Peterborough. It was around 10 late returning and was seen arriving in Wisbech simultaneously with 20105 on K4 from the east, itself running 20 late. K1 which had begun the day nearly 3 minutes early at Walton Highway with 37577 was swapped at Lowestoft with 577 then working an X2 to Norwich and viewed by Jamie Vendy. 37573 took K1 back to Peterborough and this was 15 late going west and no less than 30 late returning by which time 37564 (still with its Rene Zellweger advert) on K2 was only 7 minutes behind it.
K6 today was 20126 throughout, a clever ploy to get it back to Yarmouth and sister 20127 looks to have gone east tonight too on K20. Both 20127 and 20351 were noted by Bruce at Vancouver Avenue today and Andy says 20351 ended up at the bus station before heading back to the garage giving weight to the theory that 127 was K20. Another B10 out today was 20104 which had been absent for a week, Bruce saw it on L12 on time. This means 20103 was most probably K19 again. One final piece of late running to report was L9 with 37578 which was 22 late this evening on the 17.59 Lynn - Peterborough.
Later tonight returning from a quiz, I expected to see K15 with 37575 and L13 with 37570. I did see both turns, but K15 was 37577 and L13 37563 ! Earlier 577 had been on an X2 and 563 on Y14.

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