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Monday 26th July 2010 ~ The Lynx Effect

Having been in Edinburgh last week, I noticed the majority of their buses had adverts for BT low line rental and a new Lynx deodorant. Both adverts are now showing on the Gemini fleet here too.
37562 was obviously used on Sunday again and today it returned from the coast on Y7, but a swap at Lowestoft saw it come back this evening as L10. Earlier 20107 had been on L10 but this was then rested.
37579 on Y13 13.05 from Peterborough is due back into King's Lynn at 21.43 after the trip to Lowestoft, but somehow tonight it was in Lynn bus station at 19.55. It is not known what did Y13 forward from Lynn at 14.33, but tonight 37156 off K14 appeared on Y13.
37563 and 37568 were once again absent from the X1 and reliability seems to becoming an issue with several of the Lowestoft B9s.
Punctuality was fair today. Noted on Nene Quay just after leaving Wisbech bus station were 20107 on L10, 37569 on L11 seen 7 minutes late, 37574 on K17 two minutes early and 37157 on K18 just 2 late.

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