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Thursday July 1st 2010 ~ Presidents Fall From Grace

Knowing that Grahame Bessey would more than likely have some fots of the new Presidents, upon request he came up trumps with these two pictures, especially for us in the west of X1 land who have yet to see them. Above is 32208 at Hemsby on the 1a and below 32207 at Norwich yesterday on the X2. For the moment paper route numbers are sufficing !

Well we all got excited about the entry into service of 32207 on the X2 yesterday, but today it was out again and not only that 32212 worked the 11.38 from Lowestoft as well. Only problem was, it didn't come back and Michael says there was a 30 minute gap before the return of the 12.08 appeared with Gemini 37156. So may be a failure for 32212 ?

For the first time since the partial closure of Nene Quay in Wisbech, there were three consecutive westbound X1s passing my window this afternoon. Firstly 34108 running 9 late on K16, then 37573 on K17 just 1 minute late and finally 37157 which was 8 late on K18. The next two took the A1101 route with 37578 and 37572 (K1) which ran 11 late.
Proof that even 34108 can negotiate Nene Quay without incident ! Could this be the final appearance of the Royale on the X1 for a while ?

20109 continued to deputise for a B9 today working K3 and I am told by my man in the know that work is progressing well with The Beast and 20107 should be back with us shortly.
Now here's a bit of non X1 related fun. Cheryl sent this pic of a coach trying to deliver its load of passengers directly into Wisbech Post Office to collect their pensions. This week is the Wisbech Rose Fair and hoards of coaches descend on the Fenland town, many getting a bit lost in the process. We loved the legend on the side of this vehicle, very appropriate !

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