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Monday 13th June 2011 ~ The Western Front

So another week begins, but this one is different on the X1. For years now, in times of shortage, King's Lynn would frequently borrow a town or schools bus to fill any voids. This would happen if services from the East were late running or a failure occurred. This option has now ceased of course.
Today, the 'spare' bus situation was 37563 at Lowestoft : this was gainfully employed on the X2 and was noted by various correspondents working the 09.10 ex Norwich, 14.10 ex Lowestoft and 17.23 ex Lowestoft. Now that all buses are serviced at Lynn, it would seem that appearances on the X2 might be more prolific when a Gemini is available.
A minor contretemps involving 37158 & 37159 at King's Lynn on Saturday meant 37158 was sidelined today for servicing and touching up. 37159 was back on the road though and worked K5. 20352 was not in use today and was seen at Vancouver Avenue this evening, however, it may possibly have been utilised this afternoon when 37156 expired at Swaffham on K18 overheating. Whether 20352 was used to rescue any stricken passengers, or whether they simply boarded the following K19 is not known. Repairs completed, 37156 was available to resume K18 at 17.02 to Lowestoft. The service did not run over the western section - so this is possibly the first occasion of the new regime where nothing was available.
Only one service was delayed by any margin today and that was Y13 11.45 King's Lynn to Peterborough seen 15 late from Wisbech, a situation enlarged upon by Des : "37565 - 08.15 Lowestoft to Peterborough, on time till, queueing traffic on the A47 at Blofield. This necessitated a diversion via Blofield Heath and Thorpe End, I was 15 late at Norwich (10.10). Traffic conditions didn't help and I was 18 late into Lynn (11.55)".

The evenings first arrival,  37157 off Y7 is in the foreground with 20352 in the distance and 37569 undergoing a wash at Vancouver Avenue this evening.

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