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Monday 19th - Sunday 25th March 2012 : Ambushed By Zulus !

The B9 Geminis fit neatly over the inspection pits at King's Lynn garage, but the buses allegedly destined to replace them will be too long and will need to be turned to allow a full inspection. We will see !
Monday 19th March 2012
We begin with a correction. Last Monday it was 20126 which worked L11 to Lynn for 37158 forward. This was due to 37565 being broken at Lowestoft with a starter motor fault. Today 37565 started out on K5 but it was replaced for the 10.32 Lynn - Lowestoft by 37566. Then 37156 on L11 continued its unreliable streak and 37565 having been taken off K5 took this to Peterborough at 10.45 departing 17 late. 37572 is stopped for MOT work this week. Malcolm saw 34155 on the 15.03 Lowestoft - Norwich X2.

Tuesday 20th March 2012
37156 on K18 was once again swapped, this time for 37157. Malcolm had seen 37156 at Norwich when it was running 20 late. 37573 was spare at King's Lynn today after servicing. The Southgates webcam sprang into life again today which was convenient.

Wednesday 21st March 2012
A grey start to the day and here is 37577 passing the Bruce look out post with K5 07.45 King's Lynn - Peterborough

37567/574 were stopped at Lynn today, but there were no diagram swaps recorded. Traffic was particularly congested in King's Lynn mid-morning and 37564 on L12 was 12 late in and 11 late departing to Peterborough. At lunchtime 37159 on L10 was seen passing the Southgates coming in from Peterborough at 13.08 - about 20 late.
It turned out to be a beautiful Spring day. K17 13.45 King's Lynn to Peterborough gets away from Terrington St. John with 37579 running 9 minutes late.

Thursday 22nd March 2012
37156 has now gained adverts after its initial all white incarnation. Seen here in Vancouver Avenue this evening.

37572 had its MOT today so should be available tomorrow. Other stopped vehicles today were 37568 & 37577.

Friday 23rd March 2012
37564 arrives in Wisbech on K15 this lunchtime. I wish they would move that security camera which blights all pictures taken at this point !

An eventful day with breakdowns and late running. 37573 was in trouble early on with Y6 when it expired at Middleton in a cloud of black smoke. It was nothing serious, but 37567 took over the turn before 37573 was able to resume at 11.02 to Lowestoft.
My friend John from Scotland planned to catch L11 12.05 ex Peterborough - it arrived at the railway station with 37157 precisely 30 minutes late. A lady of a certain age who was bound for Norwich interrogated the driver in rather pompous fashion at the bus station. "Why are you late" she demanded , "We were ambushed by Zulus" responded the driver in jocular fashion before explaining the real reason.  "It is important to me that I arrive in Norwich on time" she continued. Now surely anyone with any sense who wanted to get to Norwich quickly from Peterborough would catch the train ? Ah but that would involve spending money I suppose. Her chances weren't improved when L11 arrived back in Wisbech 43 late en route eastbound. A collapsed manhole cover at Thorney Toll (again) was responsible for the long delays.

 37564 was seen arriving in Wisbech about 10 late on K15 (See picture above) , this had begun the day with 37568. Malcolm says "Things were bad on the X1 at this end today, 37568 arrived 30 late on K15 and departed 25 late. Next was 37565 on K16 which came in 28 late and went out 22 late. 37156 had started at Lynn on K16, but presumably it was overtaken by 37565. 37156 turned up at Lowestoft in the path of K17 6 late.
The afternoon saw 37575 collapse at Swaffham with a seized brake caliper on K2 at just after 3pm. Fitters were called and this was soon rectified with 575 being back on the road by evening.
There were many swaps of course and I'm still not sure exactly what happened. Meanwhile, Palatine 34155 was out on the X2 seen arriving at Lowestoft with the 09.10 ex Norwich.

Saturday 24th March 2012
37159 departs from Walpole Highway this morning on K3 09.06 to Lowestoft.

There were problems at lunchtime. I followed 37567 into Lynn from Peterborough at 12.20. I assumed this was to be L9 12.32 to Lowestoft, but while I was waiting for a friend at Lynn railway station, firstly 37567 passed by 'not in service' at 12.36. a minute later it was followed by 37563 also apparently 'not in service' but full of passengers and then at 12.38 37570 showing X1 Lowestoft with a few passengers on board. I think 37567 had a cracked screen and 37570 replaced it. 37563 had arrived on Y13 and this went west with 37575 and 37563 then returned east 30 late on L8 but had made this up by evening.
The overall advert on the rear of 37570 is fading fast now - time for action I think ! Photo DS

Sunday 25th March 2012

Cheryl saw 37574 departing from Wisbech on the 11.22 to Peterborough, but it promptly blew up on the Horsefair roundabout with a complete loss of gears, a fitter had to attend and 37566 was wheeled out from Lynn to replace it for the 13.35 to Lowestoft. Otherwise a good day with just a few delays reported.

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