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Monday 5th -Sunday 11th March 2012 ~

Thanks to all those of you who continue to provide info for the blog, particularly Bruce, as I see very few daytime X1 services now. Things have really quietened down compared to a couple of years ago, so I guess I will probably continue with weekly updates unless anything spectacular happens.
Looking back at this week, the following worked Monday - Saturday without coming off diagram which is impressive : 37563/71/75/77, 37157/58/60. In addition 37575 worked today (Sunday) too.

Monday 5th March

37156 had its MOT this morning and once completed, was sent out from King's Lynn on K15 replacing 37570 which itself was required for an MOT. The next service westbound also changed buses, K16 arrived with 37573 and left at 13.15 with 37159. A couple of hours later 37579 was taken off K1 and 37573 was able to work forward. Portland Street in Lynn was closed today, so buses were leaving via Austin Street

Tuesday 6th March

Today's three buses spare - if you can call it that - were 37570 MOT, 37572 safety service and 37566 fuel fault. 37567 started out on K15, but tonight was in Vancouver Avenue. 37572 had replaced it at 15.32 but only reached Dereham where it failed being unable to restart. Earlier Des had been chauffeur on 567 when it had to drop off a poorly passenger at Gorleston JPH, this meant a 15 minute late departure, all of which had been made up by departure from Lynn at 12.45.

Wednesday 7th March
37156 photographed at a rather damp Market Gates this morning. Thanks to Grahame Bessey for the picture.

37564 had a peculiar day - it started on K2 but came off at 08.57 with an adblue fault  and then after a break took Y6 11.02 Lynn to Lowestoft instead of 37578. Later 37578 was back out on K19 taking over from 37565 at 14.45. 37566 was repaired today and took over K2 from 37564 this morning.
37156 might look good, but apparently today it had no newspapers and no interior heating either.
Rather worryingly there are plans for the X1 to call at all stops in Dereham and Toftwood from next month. There are currently four stops in both directions. This will increase to 18 westbound and 13 eastbound which sounds like a bit of a disaster for punctuality.

Thursday 8th March
37564 in the Fens near Walsoken on L12 12.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft today.

Y7 had 37572 swapped for 37568 at lunchtime and later 37572 was out again after 37567 had a broken window on K4. 37570 had its MOT today and the opportunity was taken at 17.45 to pop it onto Y6 so that 37579 could be released for servicing.
Des writes, "37157 on L10 13.07 Southgates to Yarmouth - we should have refuelled at Vancouver Avenue but the entrance was blocked by a cement lorry, so refuelling was done at Lowestoft instead. Ten late from Lynn, but on time by Dereham. Caught up with 37576 on Y9 at Yarmouth at 15.30, so I took his Gorleston and Hopton passengers and he went direct to Lowestoft Tesco to make up time".
Thanks to Richard Alger for sending this picture of 37156 this morning with a rather serious looking X1 driver !!

Friday 9th March

Things were going well for a Friday today until an accident between Wisbech and Guyhirn caused disruption. K17, K18 & K19 were the services worst affected and there were vehicle swaps as a result. 37572 which came in to King's Lynn on Y7, the early finisher at 18.15 was then sent out to relieve 37159 which was in trouble at Little Fransham with a charging fault. I think 37572 then came back to Lynn on K19 instead of 37564. Malcolm saw 30889 on the X2 today, a recent reallocation from Yarmouth with 32211 going the other way. Syd says the other remaining President, 32210 is due to go to Yarmouth also in exchange for 30886 and 30887 will also go to Lowestoft with Palatine 34158 departing.
Work inside King's Lynn garage is almost complete, but only one set of doors are available at the moment, hence the unusual parking of these B9s sideways on to the pits. 37577 is the only X1 vehicle retaining the Safehouse ad.

Saturday 10th March

Only one swap today, Y6 having 37573 taken off for 37565 forward. Timekeeping seemed fair and i passed ultra white 37156 on time on L12 heading east this afternoon.

Sunday 11th March

A quiet day although a Norwich City home match will probably have caused delays at teatime. 37566/7/8, 37570/2/4/5/6/8/9 were today's buses. Rather strangely Malcolm reports 37565 was spare in Lowestoft bus station all day.
Des draws my attention to the Haven Bridge night closure which is due to last another month.

37570 in perfect conditions in Great Yarmouth today. Thanks to Des for the photo.

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