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Saturday/Sunday 10th & 11th August 2013 ~ A Little Notice

The weekend has passed fairly uneventfully although Saturday saw 37159 on a most unusual turn, K4-XL10, normally a solid B9 duty. Yarmouth then sent it back on Sunday's XL09 which finishes early at Lynn at 20.44. On Saturday 37569 & 37573 seemed to swap turns on K19-XL06 & K1 -XL07, but punctuality seemed fair with only K14-XL01 losing 15 minutes en route. 37566 has not worked this weekend as it has a broken anti-roll bar.
Now a bit of an apology, you know what I said about Lothian buses having notices warning passengers about putting their feet on seats ? Well our Geminis do indeed have a similar warning, though a little smaller viz :

Finally this weekend, a look at the Enviro 400 loaned to King's Lynn at the moment :

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