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Sunday August 11th 2013 ~Tweeting and all that

Now here's something I meant to mention earlier, but the little grey cells are getting a bit cloudy ! If you want to keep up with the daily goings on with the X1 punctuality wise, you could do worse than check out First's own Twitter feed online at :

Heavens forbid, you can also use it to complain about or compliment your experiences.  I've had several people contact me to say that they have just noticed that X1 now departs from Bay 10 at Peterborough bus station, it had been Bay 17 until recently. The twitter feed tells me that this change occurred on August 6th and I have to say it is an eminently more sensible arrangement than visiting two different bays which has been the situation since the new timetable.
Needless to say some passengers have only seen the notice informing passengers of the change after their bus had left. Christine had to rush to Bay 10 to catch the 15.09 departure on Saturday and Doreen and her friends were less fortunate and only realised after they'd seen two X1s arriving with no sign of them departing at Bay 17 !

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