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Thursday 3rd April delayed blog ! ~ The Usual Business

Apologies for the long delay in producing another blog, a delay partly because I have been excessively busy (as usual at this time of year) and also because of the lack of important events.
I am about to go on a weeks holiday, so the next entry will probably be around 13th April. MOTs are continuing on the Enviros with 33805/6 having been tested. A couple of slight collisions have resulted in damage to 33816 which was taken off Y13-XL19 on 26th March and did not return to service until 31st. Today (2nd April), 33809 was in a spot of bother whilst working Y9-XL15 and was retired early to be replaced by 33813. The passenger side panels sustained damage and it is due to visit Full Circle for repair tomorrow, with 33806 coming back fixed from the same malady.
Probably the most notable event in the period under review came on 30th March when Yarmouth sent out 33808 to Norwich in the evening for rail replacement work !

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suffolkraider said...

Have a good holiday Gerard we'll keep an eye or 2 out enjoy yourself!