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Sunday 23rd February 2020 ~ The First Week

36917 near Hockering on Friday. Photo : Zak Nelson
So the first week of operation using the new fleet of Excel Scanias has passed relatively uneventfully. From what I can gather, Saturday was the first day where there were no Enviro substitutions. During the week 33805/811/817/818 were all used at various points. Of the new vehicles, all have been used on the route apart from 36901 which has had a few minor issues. 
36908 on a Dereham - Norwich service near Hockering.
Photo : Zak Nelson

On the main route on Mondays to Fridays, King's Lynn send out ten buses and Norwich seven. Three of the latter are used purely between Norwich and Dereham, meaning in total 14 are used on the Peterborough service.
33818 deputising for a Scania on a Dereham short.
Photo : Zak Nelson

There has also been great interest in the fate of the superseded Enviro 400s. 33803/07/08/09/10/13/14/15 have been transferred to Great Yarmouth with all except 33815 having been seen on the X1 group of services. 33811 has also appeared today although apparently still on King's Lynn's books. Biggest news was probably the appearance of 33814 on the X2 as well as 33821 and 33822 this week.
A change of scenery for 33814 seen here on the A146 near Stockton working an X2 service. Photo : Zak Nelson

33821 on the X2 near Stockton on Friday February 21st. Photo : Zak Nelson

Timekeeping with the new Excel vehicles has been variable, most have been seen within 5 minutes of time. Drivers have been asked some interesting questions on the new buses, my favourite is the passenger who boarded one asking the driver "Is this red bus a blue bus ?" !

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