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Sunday February 9th 2020 ~ It's all happening

  After what seems to be a long while with little to report, it's nice to produce a blog which is a little different.
Preparations for the entry into service of the new fleet are proceeding apace. The first one to pass through Wisbech to my knowledge was on Thursday afternoon when 36910 was used for tests on the public address system. It is seen below on its way back to Norwich and I'm sure that guy on the top deck is waving !!

Since it was announced recently that First have cancelled the sale of their bus division - this was originally announced in May 2019, it is not surprising that their branding will after all be applied to the new fleet as seen here :

The entry into service, together with a new timetable will come into effect on Monday 17th February

Meanwhile, a rather unexpected event happened today (Sunday 9th). High winds and torrential rain hit the route courtesy of Storm Ciara which has caused havoc throughout the UK. A decision was made to replace the Enviro 400s on the route with single deck vehicles while the storm was at its height.
Here are a few pictures of the unexpected visitors performing on the Excel service - all didn't go well though as one had to have panels drilled and riveted after being ripped by the winds and 63321 suffered a coolant leak at King's Lynn on return from Peterborough, so the 16.10 to Norwich left with 33816. By this time the worst of the storm had passed fortunately. 
Spot on time at Walpole Highway, the 11.10 Norwich - Peterborough passes with Wright Street Lite 63321, normally employed on the green line services 14, 15 and 15a  from Dussindale, Acle and Lingwood to Wymondham.
Photo : Bruce Billingham
63321 and 63323 seen at King's Lynn bus station. Photo : Sam Larke
63323 leaves King's Lynn westbound. Photo : Sam Larke
The penultimate single decker utilised by Norwich was 47510, a smaller capacity, shorter wheelbase example in standard First livery. It is seen here arriving at King's Lynn as dusk begins to fall. Photo : Sam Larke

The 16.10 from Norwich on arrival at King's Lynn with 47509. Photo : Sam Larke

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