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Monday 20th September 2010 ~ Bring On The Subs

Following the collapse of 37576 on Saturday afternoon, the Beast ended up at Lynn and after resting in Vancouver Avenue during Sunday, was today wheeled out to work K1. 576 meanwhile was in use on K19, noted arriving at Wisbech at 17.06, Lowestoft bound. It is actually due in at 16.51, but K19s pathing means it scarcely runs to time. It is in Lynn around 15.00 clashing with schools traffic, in Peterborough at 16.00 and then has to face the Wisbech traffic at 17.00.
37577 was off the road today, being hit with hammers by the man from Volvo in Vancouver Avenue. Another B9 which was unable to appear was (unusually) 37575 which had been expected to work out of Yarmouth, but its place was taken by Royale 34108 on Y9. Punctuality, K19 apart, was good today and this evening 37573 on Y6 19.05 from Peterborough was 4 minutes early at Walton Highway.
Des says "How many passengers obey this notice when travelling ? Not many that's for sure.

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