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Thursday September 2nd 2010 ~ 37571 Exorcised

Bruce and myself had a shock this morning when K2 came sailing round the bend at Boskoop Farm with 37571 !!! Alright, this might reasonably have been expected, but what was more extraordinary was the fact that it was being driven by Mr Ray Woodhouse - the driver who was in charge on that fateful day in May last year. I am told that he had specifically requested to drive 571 on its first run back in traffic, so I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing him well, a truly remarkable man.
Any surprise that 571 was used on a Lowestoft terminating turn was soon withdrawn, as on arrival at Lynn at 08.57, it then laid over for 30 minutes before taking K3 (a Lynn terminating diagram) forward in the place of its interim replacement, 20514. It would seem that the coach then made a sharp exit from the area. Meanwhile freshly serviced 37573 took K2 forward at 09.02 to Lowestoft.

Grahame Bessey was in the right place at the right time today and captured 37571 departing from Norwich bus station on K3 (left). Its long period out of traffic has seen it programmed with the large font destination screen. It is currently running without any adverts which will surely be a shortlived phenomenon. Whilst the hub meter on the wheel reads almost 70,000 miles, the driving cab odometer reckons it has completed over 100,000 miles, so it seems very likely that the latter is from another vehicle as might be expected. Certainly 37571 has not done any more than 70k.

There were numerous vehicle changes today and whilst most of these were down to servicing requirements, some were not. 37577 which was removed from K2 yesterday was sent out on K16 today, however, it was failed at King's Lynn at 13.10 and retired to the garage. Resources being stretched again, there was nothing available tacho equipped to replace it, so the service was cancelled over the western section. By the time K16 was due to depart Lynn eastbound at 16.02, 37572 was available off servicing reports Bruce and this then took the service to Lowestoft.
37567 was another B9 with a booked service today and this took K14 from Lynn to Lowestoft and was then replaced by 34108 which had been specially supplied by Yarmouth, such was the shortage of power today.

Once again Grahame was on hand at Norwich to witness 34108 failed (right) and being attended to by the recovery crew. The problem could not have been too serious though, as it was soon repaired and went light to Lynn where K15 had already departed about 12 late, possibly leaving some passengers behind. 34108 then followed via the normal route as far as Walton Highway. Here it then took the B198 to join the A47 Wisbech bypass and went non-stop to Peterborough. I saw it at 13.23 (about 48 late) and chased it up the bypass - it was hammering along in fine fettle -  to confirm identification !
K1 began the day with 37568, but on arrival at Lowestoft, 37567 having had a quick service after coming in on K14, took over the turn. There was one final twist to the day, K4 got through three Geminis today. 37572 was first, working the 07.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough and back, then 37159 took over for the 10.02 to Lowestoft. Finally this evening 37575 off Y9 relieved 37159 and this did K4 19.35 Lynn to Lowestoft.
Y6 had 37158 today and it looks like this did the turn all the way back to Lowestoft tonight. During the various changes today, Lynn managed to carry out safety services on 37572/3/4, but at the price of providing Lowestoft's 37566 on Lynn internal turn K19.
One thing not mentioned thus far, is the Gemini shortage, caused by the absence today of 37564, 37569, 37576 & 37157. Compensating for this we had 20107 deputising on Y13 - last seen leaving Wisbech at 22.22 and still sounding good plus 20126 working L10 all day.

20107 poses in front of 34108 at Great Yarmouth garage early this morning. Thank goodness for the old timers ! Photo by Des

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