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Tuesday 21st September 2010 ~ Moody Elephants

37566 passes Boskoop Farm on K2  07.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft this morning.
Gemini 37575 which had an unscheduled day off yesterday was able to do Y13 today, but it was taken off at King's Lynn at 14.30 pending repairs by Volvo. Earlier 37577 which had undergone similar attention yesterday, was put out on K5. Whether this was considered a test run is not known, but 37156 replaced it at 10.30. 577 was then OK to relieve Y13 and 575 later.
Royale 34108 did K14, but because 37575 was initially available, 20107 was given the day off. thorney accident victim 37571 continues to work internal King's Lynn turns - today it was K15 - and has not yet spent a night away from Lynn since it returned to service.
This afternoon, 37158 on K18 passed through Wisbech 14 late but otherwise punctuality was fair.

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