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Sunday 22nd September 2013 ~ Taking Stock

Saturday seems to have passed without incident, indeed Enviro 33423 came cruising into Wisbech 3 minutes before time to work the 08.54 service to Lowestoft and other services seen seemed to be pretty much on time too. Today (Sunday) there were a few small delays, XL10 which always suffers in this respect passed Bruce westbound at 13.22 with 37566, that's only about 9 minutes late, all of which would be regained by the time it returned.
On the eve of a new dawn it is time to take stock of exactly where the X1 allocation are this evening :
37563 K1-XL01 due King's Lynn 22.49
37564 King's Lynn Garage - safety service Mon AM

37565 King's Lynn Garage - spare
37566 L10 -XL10 due King's Lynn 00.28
37567 King's Lynn Garage - water leak
37568 King's Lynn Garage - spare
37569 K5-XL05 due Lowestoft 23.38
37570 Great Yarmouth garage off K6-XL06
37571 K4-XL04 due Lowestoft 22.38, light to Great Yarmouth garage
37572 Y8-XL08 due King's Lynn 22.28
37573 K2-XL02 due King's Lynn 23.49

37574 King's Lynn Garage off Y9-XL09 arr 20.44
37575 King's Lynn Garage - spare
37576 Y7-XL07 due Gorleston 00.06, light to Great Yarmouth Garage
37577 King's Lynn Garage - safety service completion
37578 Great Yarmouth Garage - spare
37579 K3-XL03 due King's Lynn 00.49
33423 King's Lynn Garage - spare
37156, 37157 & 37160 Lowestoft Garage - spare

37158 King's Lynn Garage - spare
37159 Full Circle - Repaint

It is not currently known whether 33423 will stay for a further period once 37159 is returned to traffic. 37572 has now amassed 578,000 miles since its introduction.
Further to my comments about the forthcoming new timetable, 19 buses will still be required and diagrams remain very similar except that now 12 buses (plus spares) will overnight at Lynn and 7 at Lowestoft and Yarmouth. This is because a bus goes light from Lynn to Swaffham to work K6 (XL12) and K1 (XL07) now terminates at Lynn at just after 18.00 instead of going through to Yarmouth. With the final leg of L12-XL18 cancelled, this bus will now garage at Lynn at 20.55 instead of 23.30. There will be a further blog update tomorrow.

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