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The Delivery Run

Thanks to Jamie & Kaylee Vendy for sending these great shots of the latest arrivals. Jamie kindly supplied me with up to the minute reports on the progress of the delivery runs thus far and I am very grateful for his permission to share the pictures on the X1 blog, they are of course, his copyright.

It's 08.49 on Monday and the delivery run commences, this is 33803 & 33805 near Kilham 
 09.15 on  Monday and 33805 is in the mist at  Shiptonthorpe

A cracking shot of 33803 at Howden,  it is just after 10 am, the fog has cleared and the sun is out

33803 + 33804 at Howden on Monday morning
33806  passes through Staxton at just before 9am this morning (Tuesday)

Love this one of 33806 & 33807 on Staxton Hill just before 9  this morning
The new buses are bound to be a hit with the public if they are turned out like this, 33807 passes Kellythorpe near Driffield at 09.25 today

The village of Holme-Upon-Spalding Moor witnesses the passing of two buses seemingly heading for Lowestoft ! This was 33807 & 33806 at just after ten to ten today

The X1 Enviro 400s will cross the River Ouse many times in their lives, but not here - this is the M62 bridge over the Yorkshire Ouse near Goole with 33806 and 33807 heading south
 I'm sure you'll agree these pictures are excellent and my thanks to Jamie and Kaylee for sending them to us.


John Stait said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing them with us. Lovely looking livery too.

Neville Posnett said...

Great to see what's new up the road in KL brilliant pics thanks