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Monday 17th February 2020 ~ A New Era

 Today saw the introduction of the new XL fleet, which by and large was carried out successfully. The eye catching red liveried buses have brought new standards of comfort and facilities to the route.
Drivers seemed to be taking it very steady with the new charges today and most I saw were a few minutes late, however, 36907 working the 15.40 Peterborough - Norwich was seen entering Wisbech spot on time. The 08.10 Peterborough - Norwich started at Thorney with 33805 after an issue with one of the new buses and 33816 was also out during the day, but small teething troubles are always part of the introduction of any new fleet. A couple of buses were seen in service without working destination screens, something which has been immediately rectified, but having a code letter instead of XL is something which will take a little getting used to.
Here are some pictures from our photographers on the inaugural day. 

Photo : Sam Larke

Photo : Sam Larke

36906 departing King's Lynn as the 13.10 to Norwich. Photo : Mark Pitman
36905 heads east from Thorney as the 10.10 Peterborough - Norwich. Photo : Cheryl Cleary

Interior of 36919 at Peterborough Bus Station : Photo : Sam Larke

Red passing red near East Winch. Photo : Sam Larke

This picture depicts the spacious seating in the upper saloon. Photo : Sam Larke
Photo : Sam Larke

36904 leaving King's Lynn Bus Station as the 08.40 Norwich - Peterborough Photo : Mark Pitman

The 11.40 Norwich - Peterborough with 33805 which had replaced 36908 earlier. Photo : Mark Pitman

36915 running as the 09.00 Norwich - Peterborough pulls in to King's Lynn rail station. Photo : Mark Pitman

Photo : Sam Larke

Photo : Sam Larke

36908 departs King's Lynn for Wisbech. Photo : Mark Pitman

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Anonymous said...

Went on one today to dereham, very lovely interior and the scania engine and chassis sounds much smoother and quieter compared to the e400s! Some e400 sounded like they were going to blow up on the a47 and sometimes they made a horrible screaming turbo noise which is a very common thing with e400s. These scanias are far more suited to the routel only grip is it had a few creaks and squeaks but no where near as bad as the e400s! I'm sure these will serve the excel route well.