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Friday 5th September 2008 ~ Profile Palaver

These things happen don't they ? Late last night 20351 ran out of fuel at Lynn bus station after arriving on K3 at about half midnight. An emergency supply of 40 litres of fuel was taken up to it and it then managed to get as far as the South Gates before it expired completely with fuel starvation. It was eventually rescued and taken to the nearby garage at Vancouver Avenue where it arrived in the early hours. Today it had its fuel tank drained and cleaned and by this evening it was in the bus station having apparently arrived on an X1. This obviously throws into doubt the plans to use the Profiles on the longer X1 turns. 20352 completed K17 yesterday and was out on the same turn today, but 20353 which was on K3 was taken off at teatime, presumably to avoid a similar scenario to that suffered by 20351 last night. 20353 then did a further trip to Peterborough and back on Y8 17.29 departure.
Next week one of the Profiles is going up to Inverness in connection with the First Monster Challenge, so I hope they have arranged appropriate fuel stops en route.
Otherwise today was exceptional for a Friday with almost everything near time. K16 13.01 Wisbech - Peterborough was 14 late, but this was the worst offender. 20104 was in charge and this had replaced 20106 at Lowestoft. The 17.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft (16.18 ex P'bo) K7 left on time which is unusual on any day with 20502. K4 13.25 Lowestoft - P'bo had 20504 but 20131 replaced it at teatime in order that 504 could in turn replace 20353 on K3. 20105 & 20118 were on Lynn schools work today and 20120 remains forlorn in Vancouver Avenue minus front panel.

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