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X1 update

Friday was a terrible day for punctuality and there seemed to be swaps everywhere. Typical of the chaos was K1 07.48 Peterborough - Lowestoft which had 20105 almost on time, but by the afternoon the return working was 11 late from Wisbech and then 32 minutes down coming back on the 16.48 from Peterborough. K2 12.55 ex Lowestoft was 27 late from Wisbech with 20505 but this managed to pick up some lost time and was only 17 late returning. K4 07.29 Lynn - Peterboro was 65532 but this came off at some stage and 20506 was in charge by the evening. Y14 08.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough came through Wisbech 19 late with 20131 which had come on at Lynn.
65540 had its first experience of the X1 - actual service not known - but it came to grief at Eau Brink whilst making a pick up. The driver of a Ford Mondeo overtaking a lorry lost control and bounced off the back of 65540 causing considerable damage.
I went to Peterborough on the 18.31 from Wisbech (Y9), we left 10 late but thanks to some good driving made up most of this. 20107 must surely win the prize for the noisiest B10. I really enjoyed its thrashing along the A47 and when starting away it is guaranteed to make people stare to see what is making such a racket !

Saturday looks to have been less stressful, but 20131 was out on a Paragon turn (K7) and was seen by Bruce at 15.18 heading west at Walpole Highway.

Sunday saw a number of B10s out, Cheryl saw 20118 as did Bruce who also noted 20107 & 20127. Says Bruce "All coaches from coast seemed to be approx 10 late all day. 20507 on 0919 to Pbo had a VERY healthy load for an early morning service". By the evening the three Profiles had returned from Inverness.
Monday. I returned from Scotland and had 20114 on K20 20.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft, a much quieter ride than on 20107 of course, better suspension too, but a rather sedate driver. 20114 had started the day on L12 07.15 ex Lowestoft but was removed at Lynn at some stage to provide seatbelted cover for the afternoon schools bit of K20.

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