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Monday 10th November 2008 ~ Paragons - The Last Rites

Seen between two of their replacements are 20502/6/8/9. Will we see their like again on the X1 ?
20507/500/503 line up at Rowan Road tonight having been retired from the X1

The day began with the rather sad withdrawal from service of two excellent buses, 20502 & 20503. This being facilitated by the quick entry into service of 37570 (K18), 37572 (K4), 37574 (K2) and 37577 (K6). In addition to which this evening, 37578/9 were both new arrivals at Vancouver Avenue along with untaxed 37575/6 at Rowan Road. The latter complete the delivery of the X1 batch, but 37571 is still under repair at Volvo and 37566 had disappeared from Rowan Road tonight - either a hurried entry into service this afternoon or away having its bumper etc repaired.

On the B12 Paragon front, only 20501/04 remain in active service - the latter did K5 today while 20501 remained at Lowestoft. The only other B12 not in store at Rowan Road is 20505 which is still under repair at Volvo, believed to be a compressor failure.
If 20501/4 return west tomorrow, it would seem likely that they will be retired after that, so have your cameras ready for a final fling on Tuesday !
37577's entry into service today was a bit of an embarassment when it left Wisbech 30 late on the 08.31 to Peterborough being shadowed 5 minutes behind by 20117 on Y8. It is not known how it lost so much time but it is doubtful that the B9 was at fault. Other B9s were keeping time quite well today, notably 37573 on K16 and this evening 37563 on K15. There were eleven B9s seen in service today and if 37566 (see above) worked too that would make the figure 12.
As usual the trusty B10s were keeping their part of the bargain with 20103/4/5/7/11/14/17/26/27 all noted on the X1 today. The Hunstanton schools turns were covered by 20118/131 and 65532, while 20109 was on mainstream Hunstanton services. 20126 on Y14 was 28 late returning from Peterborough on the 12.48 to Lowestoft, but had regained all its lost time by this evening. Services were delayed between Wisbech and Peterborough today and average lateness going west was 10 minutes but double this returning east.


Snap2day said...

20501 was in use at Yarmouth today, operating car line XL21, this line ending on the 17.25 ex Lowestoft to K/L. This did not happen as 20501 expired with mechanical failure (needed a low loader to Yarmouth)on the Acle Straight while operating the 15.48 ex Norwich. 20103 replaced 20501, but coming late into service at 18.10 ex Yarmouth to K/L.

Gerardtcc said...

Yes Des, I was told it had a major air leak which has been a problem for it lately. 20103 was 10 late into Lynn on XL21 (Y21). Today 20504 out as possibly the last survivor of the cull on 12.48 Peterboro - Lowestoft

Thanks for the info. Gerard