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Sunday 9th November 2008 ~ White Elephants

20500/07 line up alongside four of their successors during a monsoon tonight !
Not surprisingly the B9 Geminis have acquired a few nicknames from enthusiasts. White Elephants or Phantoms are two of the more repeatable examples. Reports from other parts of the country don't give cause for much optimism with oil and water leaks commonplace and frequent top ups of adblu necessary. Some examples elsewhere have had fans disintegrate and Volvo have been called in to perform warranty work. 37563 has now been out every day since it began work on the X1 on October 23rd.

There was a welcome reappearance of B10 20127 today after 12 days absence. 20104, 20501/4 were other coaches out. Thanks very much to Bruce for his observations today while I was away in Bradford.

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